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To the citizens

                TO THE


AN shall the Patriot who maintain'd your Causse,
From future Ages, only meet Applause,
Shall He, who timely rose t' his. Country's Aid,
By her own Sons, her Guardians be betray'd!
Did Heathen-Virtues in your Hearts reside,
These Wretches had been Damn'd for Parracide.

Shou'd YOU behold, Whilst Dreadful Armies threat,
The sure Destruction of an injur'd State,
Some Hero with Superiour Virtue bless'd,
Avert their Rage, and Succour the Distress'd ;
Inspir'd with Love of Glorious Liberty,
Do Wonders to preserve his Country free.
He like the Guardian Shepherd stands, and they
Like Lions spoil'd, of their expected PRET,
Each urging in his Rage the deadly Dart,
Resolv'd to Pierce the Generous Hero's Heart;
Struck with the Sight, your SOULS would swell with Grief,
And dare ten thousand Deaths to his Relief,
But, if the People he preserv'd, should Cry
He Went too far, and he Deserv'd to— Die,
Would not your Soul such Treachery derest,
And Indignation boil within your Breast,
Would not you wish that Wretched State preserv'd
To feel the tenfold Ruine they Deserv'd.

If then Oppression has not quite Subdu'd
At once your Prudence and your Gratitude,
If you Yourselves, conspire not your Undoing,
And don't deserve, and won't draw down your Ruine,
If Yet to Virtue You have some Pretence,                                                   
If yet You are not lost to Common Sense,
Assist Your Patriot in Your own Defence.
That stupid Cant, He too far, despise,
And know that to be Brave is to be Wife :
Think how He Strugl'd for YOUR LIBERTY,
And give him FREEDOM, whilst your Selves are Free.
                                                                                  M. B.

        DUBLIN, Printed by G. Needham, 1724.

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