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Quakers comicall song

The Quakers Comicall Song, by Mrs. Willis at the new playhouse,
and in Mr Doges Booth Barthlmew Faire.                                  13

A monqst the pure ones all, which Conscience doth prosess, and yet that sort of

Conscience, doth practise nothing ess. I mean the Sect of those Elect, thats loath to live by

merrit, that leads their lives with other mens, according unto the Spirrit.

One met with a Holy Sister of ours,
A Saint who dearly Lov'd him,
And fain he wou'd have kist her,

Because the Spirrit mov'd him,
But She deny'd and he reply'd,

Your damn'd unless you doe it,
Therfore consent doe not repent,

For the Spirrit doth move me to it.

She not willinq to offend poor Soul,
Yeilded unto his motion,
And what these two did Intend,

Was out of pure devotion,
To lye with a friend and Brother,
She thought she shou'd dye no sinner,
But e're five months were past,

The Spirrit was Quick with in her,

But what will the wicked say,
When they Shall hear of this Rhumour
The'l Laugh at us Every Day,

And Scoff us in Every Corner,
Lett e'm doe so still is that they will,
We mean not to follow their fashsion,
Their none of our sect nor of our Elect,
Nor none of our Congregation,

But when the time mas come,
That She was to be laid,
It was no very great Crime,
Commited by her they said,
Cause they did know and She did Show,

Twos done by a friend and Brother,
But a very great sin they Said it had been

If it had been done by annother,

                  For the Flute

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