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Crime & punishment

Lamentable lines on the murder of Mary Sweeney

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            ON THE MURDER OF


All you who have kind feeling hearts with me now sympathise
'Tis when you hear this tale of woe it will you much surprise,
An aged woman was murdered all by some Wicked hand
Such a horrid deed was seldom done in any Christian land

One Mary Sweeney as we hear in comfort she did dwell
Near to the town of Bray at a place called Ravenswell ?
For forty-years a Servant, she was respected by high and low
Untill by a villians hand she met her overthrow.

It was on Monday evening she went to the town of Bray,
All for to make some purchases, and there made no delay,
But early the next morning when the workmen did arrive
There was no one there to let them in at which they were

When the workmen gained an entrance they found no one
Except one Michael Tiernan who was seen about the ground,
Then a search was made around the place alas ! now for to
The corpse of Mary Sweeney it was found down in a well.

And when her lifeless corpse was found suspicion on him gazed
Then in a fright he looked around in terror and amaze
But false excuses he did make but quickly it was found
Stains of blood were on his clothes and likewise on the ground

It was no stranger done this deed as every one may know,
But a blood thirsty villian for to prove her overthrow
Some money its reported, he did take, as he had just got time
But Providence who rules above has now revealed the crime.

God help her dear relations they now are pain'd in grief
By this most cruel murder, for them there's no relief.
We hope all friends and neighbours will devoutly for her pray
Vengeance is mine said the Lord upon the Judgment day.

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