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Vote for Pim and Corigan and religious equality

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All you that loves to here a song
At ntion pay it ie net long
I'm u e you wont say that I'm wrang
When you hear the conclusion
On the Elections now I wright
I,m sure we'll have a glorious fight
Guiness's clan we'll 'put to flight
In the sweet land of Erin


So let all vote for Jonathan Pim
And for sir Dominick Corrigan
To Parlament we'l send them iu
They are our true defenders

Sir Domnick Corrigan I'll be bound
He Is a Catholick true & sound
His name in Dublin does resounb
He's a true Irish hero
Nh place or pention he will crave
He'd soondr fill a Freemaus grave
Before his country he'd deceive
'O join the tory faction                           

Now tennan right they'l help to gain
And Potun more will cross the main
The robbing laudlords must refrain
To strjp him of his labour
And the high Church we long did pay
But we soon will see an other day
For every man inclin'd to pray
Must pay his own Director

New Plunket he of orange fame
And Guinis he Is much tha same,
The wantsM P put to their name
To eport their gold in London
But when we went to them for aid
These were the words that Guineas said
One shil ing from shall not be paid
To build a Roman Temple,

With heart and we will put in.
Sir Dominic Corrigan & Jonathen'Pimm;
The Tory Faction the may grin,
The never will decieve Us,
On our banners you shall se.
Down with acurs?d Acendancy,
All creeds & classes must be free.
lu the sweet laud of Erin

Our women pure their hearts are light
In love and friendship the delight.
For pimm ct Corrigan the Will fight.
"The are the pride of Kris
The value not the Tory band.
That would Enclave our native Land
Thier Sons & Husbands the?l make staud.
Unto the cause so glorious

Guiness now may hold his prat
And stay at home at James s Gate.
In Parliament hel get no seat.
The may stay & brow the porter,
For Pimm & Corrigan we?l send oer,
For to defend our nasive shore.
That providence may still adore.
The gallant sons of ERIN ::


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