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Tae [sic] glorious meeting of Dublin held in Cabra

(4) Tae [sic] glorious meeting of Dublin held in Cabra

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            Place and order of that day


All you that loves old Ireland I hoPe you will atend
And listen to those simple lines the truth I here aave peh'd
Its those brave unhapy men that Ires in dismai sells
The only crime they did commit they lov'd Irelane


Now Irisomeh they are resolv'd te live in unity                               
And for to use all legal meaus to set those brave men free

The 10 day of October in the year sixty-nine                   
Many thousands did asemble the cause it was devine
The bands did play & banners wave most glorious to be seea
Aud Erins Sons & Danters they wore the lovely green

The first I will mention is the Foresteas so grand
With lovely banners did apear a credit to the land
Batchers baicklayers & nai ers to with co pers did apear
An the brave brouge makers true & brave that never yet knew fear

At 2 O Clock & Carbery brave Butt he took the chair
He said & smile'd as he gaze'd round let Ireland not dispair
Brave Henery Moor whose heart is pure & of true Irish mold
Wit McSweeney to likewise O'Nei heroes true as gold                   

Five hundred thousand did atend upon that glorious day
From Belfast Newry & Dundalk & ihey in rich ar y
And Droheda was not behind they always nebly stand
Their gallant Fathers noble fought against Cromell & his band

In many Parts of Ireland great meetings has beea held
For to release those unhapy men from their cursed chains & Cells,
Tipperary Cork & Mallow & Galwa of renown
Like heroes brive that hates being slaves they put all tyrants down

There was Wexford & swoet Bray with Kingstown I go bail
In the cause of freedom they never yet did fail               
For when their Country was in want they tura boid & true
No traitor band nor hireing clan may ever them subjue

O'Donovan Ross & general Burk & likewise many more
For their sad fate each Irish heart they sadly do deplore
Confin'd in dungeons dark &deep O dismal is their fate
Far from their wives & chldren dear with food not fit to eat

No separation we do want we only seek our rights
In France & Spain & the Cri ea brave Irishmen did fight
And every where in foreign lands they Won great renowm
Through feilds of blood the waed for England & the Grown

Now Dublin City well may boast when they thick upon that day
Our loes I'm sare they must alow it was a grand display
Ne drunkuess or disturbance any wher was seen
But peace likewise good order & they all were the green

Now to conclud & finish I have nom re to say                           
May those brave men withoutldelay be at their liberty
May trade & commerce flourish & all peace be seen
And may we have our Parlameut once more in Cotledge

P Brerston Printer 1 Lr Exebrnge St Dublin

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