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Shocking murder of a wife, at Epping

(6) Shocking murder of a wife, at Epping


                              AT EPPING,

                Trial and Sentence.

At chelmford last week the labourer Re-
well took his trial for the murder of his wife
by nearly severing her head from her body,

It appears that the prisoner and his wife
were dining at her mother's house, and the
daughter asked her husband for the 3 shill-
ing he had had out of her money, prisoner
refused to give the money, when his wife
laid old of his collar, saying he should not
have any more drink. Prisoner however
ran away and deoeased followed him. A man
named Hogg cried run after her, or she'll
be murdered it was the last time she was
seen alive.

Police-donstable Tubbs deposed that he
arrested the prisoner, who in reply to the
charge, said. "Now you've come to the cri-
tieal point, I might as well tell you I don't
deny it. Good luck to her, the sooner the
rope's round my neck the better.

The Jury having found the prisoner guilty
of wilful murder, the Judge passed sentence
of death.

All you that have one spark of feeling,'
Just listen to this fearful crime.
Of murder that has been committed,
Poor Hester Revell, in her prime
On that day with scarce a warning,
Charles koseph Reved killed his young

His breast with angry passion storming,
Deprived her suddenly of life.
May God forgive his wicked action,
For which he must now deplore,
And his young wife's soul rest with his maker
On that far and brighter saore.

To her parents house they did repair,
About mid day, on the ninth of June,
Bitter word then took place theire
That caused her death that afternoon,
To a public house he then went drinking,
The worse for liquor he returned.
That poo? young soul little thinking,
That bitter rage in his breast burned.

The house he left poor thing she followed,
To try and stop him but in vain,
God help her broken hearted parents,
She ne'er returned alive again,
With her hear near severed from her body,
Shortly after she was found,
With her young life's blood streaming,
Cold and lifeless on the ground,

Their married life proved so unhappy,
They parted for they could not agree,
But were coming to some arrangement,
Together again they thought to be,
No doubt her parents were rejoicing,
And trying to make peace we're sure,
And see them once again together
That poor young wife now no more.

She struggled hard when they were parted,
Herself and children to maintain,
Like many a wife that's broken hearted,
Poorgoung soul who could her blame,
Day by day perhaps she was thinking,
Of him who should have been her stay,
May God forgive him for the action,
E're he dies on that awful day,

Think what now must be his feelings
As in the prison cell he lies,
Quickly away bis time is fleeting,
Very soon he now must die,
Husbands, wives, think of thir murder,
And shan strong drink for of this be sure
It is the curse on many thousands,
And will lead to ruin many more,

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