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New song, on the cruel usage of the French Queen

(3) New song, on the cruel usage of the French Queen

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               A NEW SONG,

     On the Cruel Uſage of the
                French Queen.

     [Sold at No. 42,LongLane.]

ALL you that have compaſſion and feeling draw
For one that is oppreſſed with ſorrow, grief, and
A queen by birth,and breeding, although not uſed
as ſuch,
An he art but that of ſtone ſure their feelings muſt


Pray Death come eaſe, kind Death come eaſe me,
And free me from the hardſhips I am doom'd for
to bear.

To be torn from my children it cuts me to the
Think what ſorrow and anguiſh when forc'd
with them to part,
Their diſcourſe uſed often to ſooth many a tear,
And the pain I now ſuffer is both ſharp and ſe-

Auguſt the 21 ſt they into my room came,
Which did much ſurpriſe me, I not knowing of
the ſame,
But ſtraight I was conducted to a dark diſmal cell,
And what I now ſuffer no tongue can ſcarce tell.

Not content with the life of my huſband and king,
But me and my children to death they will bring,
No humanity and compaſſion to me they will ſhew,
But confin'd under ground both in miſery and

But there is a juſt God above t' at knows all my
That will not let ſuch cruelty unpuniſhed to go,
But in his own due time he will eaſe me I don't
Where I ſhall be free from a world of deſpair.

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