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Lines written on the loss the steam ship Cere

(2) Lines written on the loss the steam ship Cere

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                  LINES WRITTEN ON THE



            DUBLIN ON THE 10th OF NOVEMBER


All you that has a feeling hart I hope you will atend,
Unto this sad & auful tale the truth it here is prend,       
Its of a dreadful shipwreck for whcih numbers will deplore
On the 10 night of November apon the Waxford shore

In that gallent ship the Ceres from London wee set sail,
Bound for fair Dublin City with a brisk & pleasent gale,
A 113 pasengers & 27 of a crue
with joy & hope to meet our friends till wee near to wexford town

The night was dark & dismal a storm did arise,
The rain it fell in torents which did us all surprise,
Wee mist the light upon that night which did us all much shock.
Our ship she dashed with fury upon Carnsore rock

Her boiler then it bursted & scaled all a roound
The waves beat in her stern which did us all confound
Some soldiers & some women with 4 children that were small
The were the first in this sad wreck that met there sad downfall

Our boats they were all useless they were in pieces torn,     
The cruel waves from of our deck passengers they bore,
Full forty souls both young & old they rush'd into the deep
That God may comfort all their friends they left numbers for to weep

Its for their loss we all now mourn nomore their face we'l see,
There was Miss Rutledge from monkstown alsiMiss Geogerty
There was Miss Clark likewise Anne Dunne & theo were lov'd
      rieht well,                
The anguish of their loveing friends no mortal tounge can tell,

Miss Woods a Nies from the blackrock with Irdies in their prim
With Higgins Taylor and Seaby Burn Ryan and Devine
There was William Smallbrook was well known fee now lies in
      the grave
But if they had remaind on board their lives might all be saved,

Crergyman there was on bord for him all does lament,
To see his friends in Dublin it was cheif intent,
He was humane generous and to the poor he was o friend
And for each worthy puapose his aid did freely lend,

The seen was dreadful to behold when daylight did arive,
To see the bodies of the dead the raging waves did drive,
Of men & women old & young their friends will see nomore
All lying lifeless on the ground upon the Wexfordd shore

Much thanks are due to those brave men that to their rescue came
For many lives there has been save'd upon the rageing main
There wos doctor Heard & family & nearly 40 more,
By Heavens decree as all may aee they safely reach'd the shore

Now to conclude those doleful lines let every christian pray,
That the Lord he may receive their souls that perrish'd in the sea
For now alas unto our grief wee'l never see them more,
May the Heavens be their dwellin that died on the wexford shore

  P. BRERETON ,Printer, 1, Lr Exchange St Dublin

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