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Elegies & laments

Elegy on the death of H M Fielden

(3) Elegy on the death of H M Fielden

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           AN ELEGY

                 ON THE

            D E A T H


       H. M. FIELDEN.

All round Blackburn town solemn grief does abound,
And numbers are weeping and sighing:
And mourning for one who is now dead and gone.
In the cold arms of death he is lying.
Henry Master Field en's dead, his spirit is fled,
His love for the poor none could sever,
We all may depend we have lost a good true friend,
He is gone from our gaze now for ever.

Mr. Fielden we find, was benevolent and kind,
And to all local charities has given,
From his bountiful store he assisted the poor,
May he be rewarded in heaven.
He always took a pride, and never deny'd,
When good objects of charity pressed him,
He would freely assist, but alas ! he'll be miss'd
For he's gone, he is dead, and God rest him.

Mr. Fielden is gone, and every one
In Blackburn and Witton will regret him,
Unborn ages will read of his excellent deeds,
And those that's alive won't forget him.
He was generous and free, and as our M.P.
Mr. Fielden he was twice elected ;
Many tears they were shed, when he was dead,
For he was loved and most deeply respected.

His spirit's at rest in the realms of the blest,
And no wishes of ours can restore him,
But soon on his tomb fragrant flowers will bloom,
To tell of the love that we bore him.                   
Mr. Fielding is no more, and his loss we deplore,
And many a prayer will be given,                     
For his soul that's on high far above in the sky.
May he shine with our Saviour in heaven.

Printed by John White, Rose-place Liverpool.

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