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Crime & punishment

Trial & sentence of Leopold Redpath


Leopold Redpath

Alas I am convicted theres no one to Warn
I suppose you all know Leopold Redpath
      is my name,
I have one consolation pheraps I've more
All the days of my life I ne'er injured the
I procured for the widow and orphan their
I read,
The naked I clothed and the hungry I fed
But still I am sentence I you must under-
Because I had broken the laws of the laud

A last fond adieu to my heart broken wife
Leopold Redpath your husband's trans-
      ported for life,
Providence will protect you love do not
Since your husband never hurted or in-
      jured the poor,
I,ve left my kind friends for to pine in a
But tis harder to see my fond partner
I was caused by temptation the deed for to
being eager for riches has caused me to rue
In London and Weybridge I in splendour
      did dwell
By the rich and the poor was respected
right well,
But now I'm going oh where shall I say
A convict from England oh far far away

To leave you old England does cause me
      much pain
I far I shall never behold thee again
Far away from my family, kindred and
How dreadful my sentence transported
for life
I was a pleasure to Redpath the poor to assiar
By the widow and orphan will Redpath be
So you gentlemen servants wharever you be
When you read my misfortune take warning
by me
I might have livea happy with my virtuos
Kept away from temptation from tumult & stife
Id enough to sapport me in happiness to live,
But I wanted something more poor people for
to give
I now see my folly alas when too late,
Transported for life oh how hard is my fate
I never once thought I should ere see the day
They would send me a convict from England

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