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Emigration & farewells

Adieu my lovely Nancy

(3) Adieu my lovely Nancy

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Adieu my lovely nancy,
Ten thousand times adieu,
I'm going to plough the ocean,
To seek for something new,
Come change your ring with me my dear,
Come change your ring with me,
And that will be a token,
When I am on the sea.

When I am on the sea my dear,
You'll know not where I am,
But letters I will send to you,
From every foreign land,
When the secrets of my heart my
And the best of my good will,
Let my body go where it will,
My heart is with you still.

See how the storm is rising,
See how it's coming on,
While the poor jolly sailors,
Are fighting for the crown,
Our officers command us,
And then we must obey, .
Expecting every moment,
For to be cast away,

Now the storm is over,
And we are safe ashore,
We'll drink to our wives and sweethearts
The girls we do adore,
We'll call for liquors merrily,
And spend our money free,
And when our money is gone,
Well boldly go to sea.

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      Boys of


On a Monday morning early,
As my wandering steps did lead me,
Down by a farmer's station,
Through meadows and green lawns,
I heard great lamentation,
As the small birds were moaning,
That they would have no more
Engagements on Malabaun.

I beg your pardon fair lady,
In asking of your favour,
I hope it is no treason,
In what I'm going to say,
I am condoling late and early,
My very heart lies breaking,
For a noble Esquire lady,
That lives near Malabaun.

Esquire Jackson he is raging,
For honour and for treason,
He never turned traitor,
Nor betrayed the rights of man,
But now we must beware,
Of each wicked vile deceiver,
That has ordered transportation
For the boys of Malabaun.

I heard the seas roaring,
The fishes were a moaning,
As the hero crossed the ocean
I thought the seas ran dry;
The trout and salmon gaping,
The cuckoo left her station,
Saying farewell dear lovely Erin,
And the boys of Malabaun.

To end my lamentation,
I am in consternation,
No one can roam for recreation,
Until the days do dawn %
Without a hesitation,
We're charged with combination
And sent for transportation,           
With the boys of Malabaun,           

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