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Emigration & farewells

William the sailor's adieu

(1) William the sailor's adieu

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        William the Sailor's


ADIEU, my dearest Nancy, since from you
I muſt part,
You are the girl I fancy, from you I'm forc'd
Yet my love dont be down hearted, prove con-
stant unto me,
And bear in mind your William when he is on
the sea

How can you talk of going to leave me here to
No friends alas! have I that can my wants
For you are all my treaſure my joy and leading
How can I be contented when you are gone

Suppoſe that in some battle my love you ſhou'd
be ſlain
While I am living on the Earth no reſt ſhall I
So my dear be perſuaded and be advised by me
Content yourſelf with me on ſhore and do not
go to ſea.

There's no time to parley now, no more now
muſt be ſaid,
Our fleet's ready fitted but and anchor'd at
With our guns already ſpung'd, and ready for
the ſea,
Our Thund'ring cannons loud ſhall roar to drub
the enemy.

One kiſs give me at parting my lovely girl,
May heaven potect my jewel while I am on
the wave
And oft when climbing up the yard my duty
to purſue,
I'll heave, a ſigh for Nancy, hoping ſhe'll be

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