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Political alphabet for 1855


Political Alphabet for 1855

Air.- - The Dickey Birds.          John Marks, Printer, 206, Brick Lane.

A—Stands for old Lord Aberdeen,
A dosey old Tom Gat,
Who was once head servant of the Queen,
Before he had the sack.                       
B—Stands for Jackey Bright
A man of great consam,
Who keeps a shop in Manchester,
And deals in Cotton Yarn.
With our ministers and members
There has been a row indeed,
So here is John Bull's Alphabet,
For you to learn to read.

C—Stands for Lord Carlisle,
Whom every one does know.
& C Stands for Cobden, who
Can flare-tup and jaw.
D—Stands for Derby, who
No ministry oould form,
A regular rank Conservative,
An enemy to Reform.

E—Stands for General Evans,
Who fought as we are told,
For honour, fame, and glory,
Like a gallant soldier bold.
F—You know stands for Fitzroy,
Who done that awful job—
To give a man who beats his wife,
A long six months in quad.

G—Stands for Graham,
Who cut his stick they say,
& G Stands for Gladstone,
Who with him runaway.
H—Stands for Hurbert,
A Russians to the bone;
& H Stands for our Dear old Friend,
Departed Joey Hume.

J —Stands for D'Isrieli,
A real converted Jew.
J —Stands for Jervis,
A Cock a Doodle Doo.
K—Stands for Keane,
Who does for vengeance call.
L—Stands for old Landsdowne,
Who made the tyrant fall.
M---Stands for Molesworth,
Who is very little good.
And who has nothing else to do but waft
The Forests and the woods,
N--Stands for old Napier,
A mariner complete.
Who when he conquered Bomersund,
Brought home the Baltic Fleet

O---Stands for Osborne who,
Has got a tidy place,
And with Graham in the admiralty,
Got into some disgrace.
P---Stands for Palmerstone,
Who will his duly do,
Kill Puseyites and Jackabites,
And all the Russian crew.

Q--Stands for England's Queen,
Who has a good idea:
Of sending her dear husband Al.
To fight in the Crimea.
R---Stands for Russell,
who bolted from the Crown.
& R. Stands for Roebuck too, who
Knocked the traitor's down.
S---Stands for Stafford who,
Talked about the War.
T---Stands for Thesizer,
who understood the Law.
U---Stands for Uquharte,                                  |
A man of noted fame,
And who can spin ft tidy yarn,
As long as Drury Lane.

V--- Stands for Villiers, who.
Like a briton stood,
W---Stands for Williams, and,
W Stands for Wood,
X— Stands for Puseyites,
Who has but little hope,
If they can't please the people,
They can represent the Pops,

Y--- Stands for Johnny Young,
Who in Ireland went fast.
Z---Stands for Zetland,           
The father of Dundas,
So to conclude the Alphabet.
Come britons join with me,
Singing God protect our soldiers bold
And grant them victory.
So come and learn your A.B.C.
Let not your spirits damp,
Here's England, France & victory,
No traitors in the Camp.

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