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Courtship & marriage

Young woman's A B C

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             A B C

A stands for Annie, she's a pretty girl I know,
She has so many sweetheart's wherever she does go.
B stands for Betty, she's a servant understand,
And when it is her Sunday out, oh , don't she do the grand.
C stands for Caroline, she's a modest bit of stuff.
and if you go to kiss her, she says, now that's enough.

So if you want a young man, you have only got to say,
Mother says I musn't, father says I may.

D stands far Dolly, she's a playful little lass.
She likes to go to the park, and romp upon the gross.
E stands for Emily, so quiet and so nice.                       
And if she was a plumb cake, wouldn't I like a slice:
F stands for Fanny, she likes a bit of chaff,                  [laugh.
And when her young man tickles her, you should hear her.

G stands for Georgians, she is stuck up and proud,
She never speaks to rubbish, nor Hops to see a crowd.
H stands for Hannah, she's a girl to please the eye.
She never takes a little drop like some girls on the sly
I stands for Isabella, she is so jolly stout ,
They call her Lady Tiohborne, whenever she goes out.

J stands for Jane, she would make a proper wife,
she would huddle you, and fondle you. and do you all your life.
K stands for Kitty, she's nimble on her pegs,
be dances to the organs, and delights to show her legs.
L stands for Lucy, with a baby in her lap,
Its daddy pays a crown a week, to find the baby pap.

M stands for Matilda, she wears a big chignon,
They say it takes her just an hour to put the beauty on.
N stands for Nancy, she's got a funny nose.
But noses they are out of sight, when underneath the clothes,
O stands for Olivia, a romantic lady gay,
Who with her father's footman skedaddled right away.

P stands for Polly, she's the girl to have a lark,
And dosen't think it naughty, to stay out after dark.
R stands Rachel, she's getting very stout.
She wears her Grecian bend in front, oh what's she been about.
S stands for Sarah, a cookey, in this town,
And when the supper it goes up, the Bobby he goes down.

T stands for Tilly, she's a naughty little puss,
Her father is a tailor, and often on the loose.
U stands for Una, she works a sewing machine,
And like a hit of is in the window to be seen.
V stands for Victoria, I musn't forget the Queen,
She's one of those we read about, but very seldom sees.

W stands for Wilhemina, she's a teacher in this town,
And when she walks her Grecian bend goes bobbing up & down
Z stands for Zelinda, the last one in my rhyme,
and if you haven't heard your name, you shall another than.

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Flora Bell

J. White

IN Maryland Ihad a farm,
And happy, O happy there did dwell,
Till I fell in love with a eoloured girl,
They call her Flora Bell,
I cast my eyes upon her face,
She bound me like a spell,
From that moment O how I loved that girl
My pretty, O my pretty Flora Bell.
In joy, in joy, I married her,
And happy, O happy there did dwell,
There was none so happy in Maryland,
As I and Flora Bell.
A white man came to Maryland,
Poor slaves to buy and sell.
He saw. enticed and bore away,
My pretty, O my pretty Flora Bell.
I was lonely when a month had passed,
And music was musing in the dell.
When a coloured girl fell at my feet,
I saw it was my Flora Bell.
Though lost to me I love her still,
I raised her when she fell.
And in these arms she smiled and died,
My pretty, O my pretty Flora Bell.



Lying on my dying bed, through the dark and silent night
Praying for the coming day, came a vision to my sight
Near the stood the form I loved in the sunlight's mellow
Folding me unto her breast, mother kiss d me in my dream.

Once again I long to see home and kindred far sway;
But I feel I shall be gone ere there dawns another day.
Hopefully I bide the hour when will fade life's feeble beam,
Every pang has left me now, mother kiss'd me in my dream

Comrades, tell her when you write, that I did my duty well,
Say that When the battle rag'd fighting in the van I fells
Tell her too when on my bed slowly ebb'd my being
How I, knew no peace until mother kiss'd me in my dream.

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