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Who Reaped from Slayery with his Wife and Four Children.


I was born at Minnie, in Africa, my Father,
Mother and myself, were taken to the Slave
Market at New Orleans and sold to different
masters when I was only eight yeays old.

My master was a very tyrannical person He put
me to learn the manufacturing of sugar and
tabacco, When I entered the sugar establishment
I was not aware of the process of the business,
the controller was a blood-thirsty man; I came
to work at 1 o'clock in the morning and before
six o'Clock I helped to prepare 4 tons of sugar
ready to go the cooling pan ; the sugar was not
tranated enough, and two of the boilers exploded
The overseer came forth in a rage, and had me
taken to the whipping post, called one of the
drivers and then had me tied hand and foot and
flogged. After I had received my punishment
they scored my back to let the blood run and
they washed my back with salt pickle ; then I
was taken and pnt in irons, with an iron ban I
round my waist, and a chain and ball 33lbs
weight attached to it afterwards, I was turned
out with the rest of the slaves in the field, and at
night was broughi and returned to my former
duty. I run away but it was not long before I
was overtaken by the Negro-hunters, men who
are employed in the Southern States of America
to catch slaves who run away. I was taken back
to the Plantation and received 150 lashes, and then
taken back to the public market and sold to a man
named Joseph Johnson, who was very severe with
us, I started to run away again and went to a
gentleman I heard of, who assisted me to escape
to Boston; and then I found one of the Mission
Gentlemen there he sent me to Montreal and I
got on board the brig Elizabeth, Captain Mc
Donald owner. I arrived in Glasgow on the 7th
of last November.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I have made this
narrative so as to give you an account of slavery
I have been in slavery 33 years. Should auy
gentlemen ha e any left-off clothes I shall be very
thankful for them, as I have been in ill health
since my arrival in this country. May the Lord
bless the British gentlemen for their kindness to
me and other negroes.

The man of colour leaving this paper will ot
for an answer.


"And they asked Him, saying, Matter we
know that Thou art true, and teachest the way
of God in truth. neither carest Thou for any
man ; for Thou regardedest not the person of men
Tell ut therefore, what thinkest Thou ' Is it
lawful to tribute to Cesar or not."-Mathew
xxii.,-6, 17.

Turn, gentle ebristain not away,
Nor our petition seorn ;
Christ hungered on the Sabbath day,
And plucked the ears of corn.

The Slave's Hope

From this sore bondage I then shall be free,
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead ;
REST, in the grave, there remains yet for me,
After I'm dead,-after I m dead.
Here I expect still to suffer and toil,
And with my heart's blood to fatten the soil;
But Oh ! I shall rest from this world of turmoil,
After I'm dead,�after I'm dead

I shall be free from the tyrant's strong hand,
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead,
Nor trembling hear his laud threathning command
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead.
Now they may bind me and beat when they please
Press me with burdens which give me no ease,
No more as their victim on me shall tbey seize,
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead.

I shall be from their scorn and contempt,
After I'm dead,-after I'm deed
They to ther malice may giv a free vent,
After I'm dead,-alter I'm dead.
Far from their power I then shall abide.
Safe from their envy, secure from their pride ;
And soon in the dust they will lie by my side,
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead.

I shall be free; 0 the rapturous name:
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead.
Free from the shackles and all mortal's claim,
After I'm dead,- after I'm dead.
And my dear Saviour I hope then to see,
Who gave his life as a ransom for me,
That I in his kingdom might ever be free,
After I'm dead,-after I'm dead.


Then dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,
We love to hear of thee ;
No music's like Thy charming name,
Nor half so sweet to me.
0 may we hear thy voice,
In mercy to us speak.
And in our praise we will rejoice,
Thou great Melehisedec.

Jesus shall be our theme,
While in this world we stay,
We'll sing of JESUS' holy name,
When all things else decay.
When we appear in yonder cloud,
With all the favourite throng ;
Then we will sing more sweet, more long,
And Christ shall be our song.


Whoever shall read this narration,
If rich or poor, woman or man;
Of whatever creed, colour or nation,
Resolve to do all you can,
To loose the African fetters,
And take him to nations among.
Teaching him science, religion, and letters,
And soon he'll sing liberty's song.
Columbia, take Briton's example,
Who freed her black slaves in a day;
Columbia, on selfishness trample,
And wash your foul slave stains away.
Our riches, distilled from oppression,
Will profit you nothing on high ;
An unshackled slave's prayer and blessings,
Will more future happiness buy.
Many shouts of delight have ascended,
From earth to the heavens above;
But the shout when all slavery's ended,
The ills tbeir foundations shall move.

Hymn by Bishop Heber.

From Greenland's icy mountains,
From India's coral strand ;
Where Africa's sunny fountains,
Roll down their sunny land.

From many an ancient river,
From many a palmy plain ;
They call us to deliver,
Their land from error's chain

What though the spicy breezes,
Blow soft on Ceylon's isle ;
Thou' every prospect pleases,
And only man he viles.

In vain with lavished kindness,
The gifts of God are strewn;
The heathen in his blindness,
Bown down to wood and stone.

Shall we whose souls are lighted,
With wisdom from on high ;
Shall we to man benighted,
The lamp of life deny.

Savation ! O ! salvation !
Thee joyful sound proclaim,
The heart's remotest nation,
Has learnt Messiah's name.

Waft, waft, ye winds this story,
And you you waters roll;
Till like a sea of glory,
It spreads from pole to pole.

Till o'er the ransomed nature,
The Lamb for sinners slain;
Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss returns again.


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