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John and Martha Kerr's story

John Kerr (1815-?) and Martha Kerr

Emigrated from Ayrshire to Madison County, Illinois, USA, around 1841.

Family emigrated

John Kerr was born on 29 August 1815, in the parish of Dalry, Ayrshire, to Hugh Kerr, a spirits merchant, and Jane (née Boyle) Kerr. His wife Martha was probably from Dalry too. They had two daughters: Jennie and Agnes Mary.

Like other members of their family, including two of John's brothers, they emigrated to the USA around 1841. They settled in Paddocks Grove, Madison County, in the State of Illinois.

Farming and house-building

John, who had been a joiner in Scotland, mainly worked as a farmer although he was not very successful. Sometimes he found employment building houses, an occupation which allowed him to use some of his skills.

In some of the letters he sent to his family he reveals the difficulties endured by many emigrants in the USA, and advises those thinking of moving there to stay in Scotland.

Apparently, by 1853 he had returned to Dalry, where he became a baker.

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