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cordingly, that though the names of Fion, Offian,
and Gaul the ion of Morni *, were well known
* See the Bruce, by John Barbour, published from a MS.
dated 1489, by J. Pinkerton. London, 1790. Buke 3. 1. 61.
1 Qahen that the Lord of Lorn faw
Hys men ftand off him ane fik aw,
That thai durft not follow the chafs
Rycht angry in his hert he was ;
And for wondyr that he fuld fwa
Stot them, hym ane but ma,
He faid, metbink Marthoky's fon,
Right as Go! Mak Morn was won,
To haiff fra Fyngal his menyie,
Rycht fwa all h)s ha us has he.'
In Kirk's edition cf the Pfalms of David in .Gaelic, publifh-
«ed at Edinburgh in 1684, the following is the author's addrefs
.to his book.
' Imthigh a Dhuilleachain gu dan,
Le dan glan diagha duifg iad thall,
Cuir fàilte ar fonn.fial nab florin
Ar gharbh chriocha is Infeabh Gall.,'
That is,
4 Little volume go boldly forth,
Roule whom you reach to pure and Godiv drains ;
Hail the generous land of Fingal's heroes,
The Highland tracts and Illcs of Hebrides.'
William Dunbar, in the «Interlude of the Droichk' Ever-
green, p. 259. lè. 3.
B 3 ' My

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