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pofe ; nothing lefs will fo much as command the at-
tention of the public.
Becket tells me that he is to give us a new edi-
tion of your Differtation, accompanied with fome
remarks on Temora. Here is a favourable opportu-
nity for you to execute this purpofe. You have a
jufl and laudable zeal for the credit of thefe poems.
They are, if genuine, one of the greateft curiofities
in all refpecis, that ever was difcovered in the com-
monwealth of letters ; and the child is, in a man-
ner, become yours by adoption, as Macpherfon has
totally abandoned all care of it. Thefe motives call
tipon you to exert yourfelf, and I think it were fuit-
able to your candour, and mofl fatisfa&ory alfo to
the reader, to publifh all the anfwers to all the let-
ters you write, even though fome of thefe letters
mould make fomewhat againft your own opinion in
this affair. We mail always be the more aflured
that no arguments are drained beyond their proper
force, and no contrary arguments fuppreifed, where
fuch an entire communication is made to us. Beck-
et joins me heartily in this application ; and he owns
to me, that the believers in the authenticity of the
poems diminilh every day among the men of fenfe
and reflection. Nothing lefs than what I propofe
can throw the balance on the other fide. I depart
from hence in about three weeks, and mould be
^lad ;o hear your refolution before that time.

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