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IV. If there are, in your neighbourhood, any per-,
fons from whom Mr Macpherfon received any poems;,
inquire particularly what the poems were which he
fo received, the manner in which he received them,
and how he wrote them down ; fhew thofe perfons,
if you have an opportunity, his tranflation of fuch
poems, and defire them to fay if the tranflation is
exact and literal ; or, if it differs, in what it differs
from the poems, as they repeated them to Mr Mar,
pherfon, and can now recollect them.
V. Be fo good to procure every information you
conveniently can, with regard to the traditionary
belief, in the country in which you live, concerning
the hiflory of Fingal and his followers, and that of
Oman and his poems ; particularly concerning thofe
ftories and poems publifhed by Mr Macpherfon, and
the heroes mentioned in them. Tranfmit any fuch
account, and any proverbial or traditionary expref.
fion in the original Gaelic, relating to the fubjed,
to the Committee.
VI. In all the above inquiries, or any that may
occur to in elu-
cidation of this fubjeci, he is requefted by the Com-
mittee to make the inquiry, and to take down the
anfwers, with as much impartiality and precifion as
pomble, in the fame manner as if it were a legal
queftion, and the proof to be inveftigated with a
legal ftrieinefs,
A 3 W«5N

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