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For the purpofe above mentioned, the Committee,
foon after its appointment, circulated the following
fet of Queries, through fuch parts of the Highlands
and Iflands, and among fuch perfons refident there,
as feemed mofl likely to afford the information re-
I. Have you ever heard repeated or fung, any of
the poems afcribed to Oflian, tranflated and publifh-
ed by Mr Macpherfon ? By whom have you heard
them fo repeated, and at what time or times ? Did
you ever commit any of them to writing, or can
you remember them fo well as now to fet them
down ? In either of thefe cafes, be fo good to fend
the Gaelic original to the Committee.
II. The fame anfwer is requefted concerning any
other ancient poems of the fame kind, and relating
to the fame traditionary perfons or flories with thofe
in Mr Macpherfon's collection.
III. Are any of the perfons, from whom you heard
any fuch poems, now alive ? Or are there, in your part
of the country, any perfons who remember and can
repeat or recite fuch poems ? If there are, be fo good
to examine them as to the manner of their getting
or learning fuch compofitions ; and fet down, as
accurately as pofiible, fuch as they can now repeat
or recite j and tranfmit fuch their account, and fuch
compofitions as they repeat, to the Committee.

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