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other materials of importance, particularly Lord
Bannatyne, Sir George M'Kenzie, Sii John Sin-
clair, and Mr M'Donald of Staffa. To Dr Donald
Smith, late furgeon to the Breadalbane Fencibles,
one of the beft Celtic fcholars of the prefent time,
the Committee would endeavour to exprefs its obli-
gation, were not its thanks rendered unneceflary by
thofe of the Society itfelf, voted to that gendeman,
in a manner moft juftly due to the ability and un-
wearied attention with which he has affifted the
Committee in the progrefs of this bufmefs ; an af-
iiftance, without which, its Report could never
have been compleated.
The Committee, unwilling to lengthen the Ap-
pendix to this Report, which it fears will to moft of
its readers appear already too long, has given only
fpecimens or extracts of fuch documents as it ap-
peared to the Committee might fairly be judged of
by fuch fpecimens or extracts ; but the papers them-
felves are open to the inflection of any perfon wifh-
ing to examine them more thoroughly, who will
take the trouble of applying to the Committee for
that purpofe.

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