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The Committee takes this opportunity of returning
its thanks to the various gentlemen who have con-
tributed information, manufcripts, or other docu-
ments, with regard to the objett of its inquiries.
It hopes it may, without offence to others, par-
ticularly mention the names of the Reverend Mr
Anderfon of Kingume, the Reverend Mr M'Laggan
of Blair, the Reverend Mr M'Diaimed of Weem,
the Reverend Dr Smith of Campbelton, the Reve-
rend Mr M'Donald of Anftruther, the Reverend
Mr Irvine of Rannoch, Captain Morrifon of Gree-
nock, Mr George Chalmers of London, Major
M'Lachlan of Kilbride, the Reverend Mr Stuart of
Craignifh, and the Reverend Mr M'Leod of Harries,
as thofe from whom the moil important materials
were obtained *. Several members of the Commit-
tee itfelf had opportunities of affording MSS. and
* The late learned Mr M'Farlane of London, and Mr Gallic,
minifter of Kincardine, in Rofsfliire, are not now alive to receivs
the acknowledgments of the Committee,

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