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by some that this was brought about by an earthquake;
others think that the stone was carried off by the action
of ice, combined with the influence of a tremendous
hurricane, which blewfrom the shore, during that fearful
and stormy night. It was currently reported, and pretty
generally believed at the time, that his Satanic Majesty
had a finger in this work. Be that as it may, there is
no doubt whatever that the Brahan Seer predicted
" that the day will come when the Stone of Petty, large
though it is, and high and dry upon the land as it
appears to people this day, will be suddenly found as far
advanced into the sea as it now lies away from it inland,
and no one will see it removed, or be able to account
for its sudden and marvellous transportation."
The Seer was at one time in the Culloden district on
some important business. While passing over what
is now so well known as the Battlefield of Culloden, he
exclaimed, " Oh ! Drummossie, thy bleak moor shall,
ere many generations have passed away, be stained with
the best blood of the Highlands. Glad am I that I will
not see that day, for it will be a fearful period ; heads
will be lopped off by the score, and no mercy will be
shown or quarter given on either side." It is perhaps
unnecessary to point out how literally this prophecy has
been fulfilled on the occasion of the last battle fought
on British soil. We have received several other versions
of it from different parts of the country, almost all
in identical terms.
" The time will come when whisky or dram shops
will be so plentiful that one may be met with almost
at the head of every plough furrow." (Tliig an latha
's am bi tiofhean-oil cho lionmhor 's nach mor nach

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