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bridges on the Ness — the eighth has only been completed
last year — and the ninth has just been commenced. If
we are to accept the opinions of certain of the clergy
themselves, "ministers without grace" are becoming
the rule, and as for a plenitude of " women without
shame," ask any ancient matron, and she will at once
tell you that Kenneth's prophecy may be held to have
been fulfilled in that particular any time within the last
half century. Gleidh sinne ! !
It is possible the following may have something to
do with the same calamity in the Highlands. Mr
Maclennan says : — With reference to some great re-
volution which shall take place in the country, Coin-
neach Odhar said that "before that event shall happen,
the water of the river Beauly will thrice cease to run.
On one of these occasions a salmon, having shells in-
stead of scales, will be found in the bed of the river."
This prophecy has been in part fulfilled, for the Beauly
has on two occasions ceased to run, and a salmon of the
kind mentioned has been found in the bed of the river.
Mr Macintyre gives another version : — " When
the river Beauly is dried up three times, and a
'scaly salmon,' or royal sturgeon, is caught in the
river, that will be a time of great trial." (Nuair a
thraoghas abhainn na Manachain tri uairean, agus a
ghlacair Bradan Sligeach air grnnnd na h-aibhne, 's ann
an sin a bhitheas an deuchainn ghoirt.) The river has
been already dried up twice, the last time in 1826, and
a ' Bradan Sligeach,' orro3'al sturgeon, measuring nine
feet in length, has been caught in the estuary of the
Beauly about two years ago.
The following is one which we trust may never be

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