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Strathpeffer; for to any one standing where we did, on
the summit of Knockfarrel, the bottom of the valley
appears much lower than the Cromarty Firth beyond
Dingwall, and it looks as if it might, any day, break
through the apparently slender natural embankment
below Tulloch Castle, which seemed, from where we
stood, to be the only obstruction in its path. We need,
however, hardly inform the reader in the district that
the bottom of the Strathpeffer valley is, in reality,
several feet above the present sea level.
Another prediction is that concerning the Canonry
of Boss, which is still standing — "The day will come
when, full of the Mackenzies, it will fall with a fearful
crash." This may come to pass in several ways. The
Canonry is the principal burying-place of the Clan, and
it may fall when full of dead Mackenzies, or when a large
concourse of the Clan is present at the funeral of a
great chief
" When two false teachers shall come across the seas
who will revolutioaize the religion of the laud, and
nine bridges shall span the river Ness, the Highlands
will be overrun by ministers without grace and wo-
men without shame," is a prediction which some main-
tain has all the appearance of being rapidly fulfilled at
this moment. It has been suggested that the two false
teachers were no other than the great evangelists, Messrs
Moody and Sankey, who, no doubt, from Coinneach
Odhar's standpoint of orthodoxy, who must have been a
Roman Catholic or an Episcopalian, attempted to re-
volutionize the religion of the Highlands. If this be
so, the other portions of the prophecy are looming not
far off in the immediate future. We have already eight

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