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among the ladies as to cause a desperate battle in the
district between themselves and the Maclennans, the
result of which will be that a black fishing wherry or
"scuta dubh" will carry back to Ireland all that re-
mains of the clan Macrae, but no sooner do they ar-
rive than they again return to Kintail. Before this
was to take place, nine men of the name of Macmillan
would arrive at manhood (assume their bonnets; in the
district; assemble at a funeral at Cnoc-a-Chlachain in
Kilduich, and originate a ouarrel. At this exact period,
the Macraes would be at the height of their pros[)erity
in Kintail, and henceforth begin to lose their hold in
the country of their ancestors. The Macmillans have
actually met in this spot and originated a quarrel as
predicted, although nothing could have been more un-
likely, for in the Seer's day there was not a single one
of the name in Kintail, nor for several generations
after. It is somewhat remarkable to find that the
Maclennans are at this very time actually supplanting
the Macraes as foretold, for the last two of the ancient
stock — the late tenants of Fernaig and Leachachan —
who left the district have been succeeded in their hold-
ings by Maclennans ; and other instances of the same
kind, within recent years, are well known.
At present, we are happy to say, there does not
appear much probability of the Clan Mackenzie being
reduced to such small dimensions as would justify us
in expecting the fulfilment of the "scuta dubh" part of
the prophecy on a very early date. If the prediction,
however, be confined in its application to the Mackeuzies
of Seaforth, it may be said to have been already almost
fulfilled. We have, ideed, been told ihat this is a

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