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a considerable collection of tliem has been made by the
late Alexander Cameron of Lochmaddy, author of the
" History and Traditions of the Isle of Skye," but we
were unable to discover into whose possession the
manuscript found its way ; we hope, however, that this
reference may bring it to light.
Kenneth Mackenzie, better known as Coinueach
Odhar, the Brahan Seer (according to Mr Maclennan),
was born at Baile-na-Cille, in the Parish of Uig and Is-
land of Lews, about the beginning of the seventeenth
century. Nothing particular is recorded of his early
life, but when he had just entered his teens, he received
a stone in the following manner, by which he could
reveal the future destiny of man : — While his mother
was one evening tending her cattle in a summer
shealing on the side of a ridge called Cnoc-eothail, which
overlooks the burying-ground of Baile-na-Cille, in Uig,
she saw, about the still hour of midnight, the whole of
the graves in the churchyard opening, and a vast
multitude of people of every age, from the newly born
babe to the grey-haired sage, rising from their graves,
and going away in every conceivable direction. In
about an hour they began to retm'ia, and were all
soon after back in their graves, which closed upon
them as before. But, on scanning the burying-
place more closely, Kenneth's mother observed one
grave, near the side, still open. Being a courageous
woman, she determined to ascertain the cause of this
singular circumstance, so, hastening to the grave, and
placing her "cuigeal" (distaff) athwart its mouth (for
she had heard it said that the spirit could not enter the
grave again while that instrument was upon it), she

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