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Other Leslies gained honour and fortune in continental
service ; and hence several counts of the name now exist in
Germany, besides many considerable families in France,
Russia, and Poland. It is also worthy of note that Bishop
Leslie, the intrepid friend of Queen INIary, and Charles
Leslie, author of the Sliort and Easy Metliod with the
Deists^ were cadets of the house of Leslie of Balquhain in
So many, so good, as of the Douglasses have been,
Of one surname was ne'er in Scotland seen.
Hume's History of the House of Douglas.
Guthrie o' Guthrie,
Guthrie o' Gaiggie,
Guthrie o' Taybank,
An' Guthrie o' Craigie.
This rhyme refers to the respectable old Forfarshire
family of Guthrie, in its main line and principal branches.
The following is the traditionary account of the orig'in of
the Guthries : — One of the kings of Scotland, when on an
aquatic excursion to the northern part of his dominions,
was overtaken by a storm, and driven ashore on the east
coast, somewhere between Arbroath and Montrose. Getting
in safety to land, the king, like the pious ^neas under simi-
lar circumstances, turned his thoughts upon the means of
acquiring food, wherewith to satisfy his own hunger and
that of his attendants, both considerably sharpened by the
sea-breeze. He had not, however, the good fortune of the
Trojan hero, in seeing
' tres littore cervos
errautes : '
nothing appeared on the bare Scottish coast but a poor
fisherwoman, who was cleaning some small fishes she had
just caught. ' Will you gut one to me, goodwife ? ' said the
monarch. ' I'll gut three ! ' being her immediate answer,
the king exclaimed, in gratitude for her heartiness and
' Then, Gut tlu-ee
Your name shall be ! '

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