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that we must suppose it to be used in the above in-
stances. In Peeblesshire, if not also in other places, it is
customary to throw the phrase into a sort of rhyme, thus —
Your luckie's mutch, and lingles at it !
Down the back, and buckles at it !
ABERLADY— (^a^« LotMaii).
Stick us a' in Aberlady !
The following origin is assigned to this phrase of re-
proach : — An honest man who dwelt in Aberlady coming
home one day, was suddenly convinced of what he had
never before suspected — that his wife was not faithful
to the nuptial vow. In a transport of rage he drew his
knife and attempted to stab her, but she escaped his ven-
geance by running out to the open street, and taking refuge
among the neighbours. The villagers all flocked about the
incensed husband, and, as usual in cases of conjugal brawls,
seemed disposed to take part with the wife. The man told
his tale, with many protestations, expecting their sympathy
to be all on his own side ; but what was his disappointment,
when the women with one consent exclaimed, ' If that be
what you have to complain of, you might stick us a' in
Aberlady ! '
The inhabitants of Aberlady to this day feel aggrieved
when this unlucky expression is cast up to them. Not
many years ago, an English gentleman, residing with the
late Earl of Haddington at Tyninghame, was incited by
some wags at his lordship's table, after dinner, to go forth
and cry ' Stick us a' in Aberlady,' at the top of his voice,
through the principal street of the village. He did so, and
was treated for his pains with so severe a stoning, that he
was carried to bed insensible, and it is said that he never
altogether recovered from the effects of the frolic.
There was a haggis in Dunbar,
Andrew-Linkum feedel ;
Mony better, few waur,
Andrew-Linkum feedel.
Like the bairns o' Fa'kirk ; they'll end ere they mend.

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