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joins it a little above the bridge. Each receives a tributary
stream — the Leven the Lothrie, and Ore the Lochtie.
Colqulially and the Sillertoun,
Pitcairn and Bowhill,
Shoidd clear their haughs ere Lammas spaets
The Ore begin to fill.
A very salutary caution, as these four farms lie along- the
Ore immediately after its junction with the Fittie, and on
a low alluvial tract, which is very easily flooded. '■ Clearing
the haughs' alludes, it may be presumed, to the carrying
oiF the meadow hay, the only crop at that time grown upon
these flats.
Happy the man who belongs to no party,
But sits in his ain house, and looks at Benarty.
Sir Michael Malcolm of Loch Ore, an eccentric baronet,
pronounced this oracular couplet in his old age, when
troubled with the talk about the French Revolution. As a
picture of meditative serenity and neutrality in an old
Scotch country gentleman, it seems worthy of preservation.
On the top of Benarty, which rises above the former bed
of Loch Ore (for the lake is now drained, and its site con-
verted into arable land), there were formerly held games,
which all the shepherds of Fife and other neighbouring
counties attended. They brought their wives, daughters,
and sweethearts, and having a plentiful stock of victuals,
kept up the fete for a few days, bivouacking upon the
ground during the night. The chief games were the golf,
the football, and the" icads ; * and what with howling,
singing, and drinking, after the manner of an Irish patron,
they contrived to spend the time very merrily. The top of
Benarty is flat, and sufficiently extensive for their purpose.
This custom is now disused, the number of shepherds being
much diminished, and the profession not being of such
importance in the country as formerly, on account of the
increased number of fences.
* Wad, a pledge or hostage.

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