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serenity of the troops. The battalion possessed several
mascots in the form of dogs ; and the owner of the leopard
jaloused that his escaped exhibit probably would regard
these mascots as worthy prey.
While MacCrimmon lay on his palliase, embracing the
regimental fox-terrier, the leopard entered and seized the
terrier. MacCrimmon, though badly shaken, emerged with
no more than a facial gash that left a permanent scar.
This scar folloivcd the traditional line of the family scar!
The leopard's visitation now necessitated MacCrimmon's
transference to hospital. When he rejoined his battalion in
the line some time afterwards, the officer observed that a
wonderful change had overtaken him. MacCrimmon's
dourness and taciturnity had quitted him. When asked
how he himself accounted for this change, he drew attention
to the scar on his face, and remarked with satisfaction that
now he had got the facial mark of his race.
* ^ * ^5 *
A few nights later, poor MacCrimmon was killed. The
officer, now on the point of writing home to his people in
Barvas, sent for another Barvas man in the company, named
MacDonald, so as to obtain particulars about Mac-
Crimmon's family.
" No use, sir ! " said MacDonald. " MacCrimmon was
no MacCrimmon. His name was Maclver; but his father
was drowned, and his mother died, and old MacCrimmon
brought him up with his own bairns.
" Nobody told him that he wasn't a MacCrimmon,"
MacDonald continued. " You see, he never had the scar
o' the seal, which is proof o't ! "

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