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When unaccompanied by a noun, a cethir.
cóic, five, and sé, six, ecHpse in the genitive.
For fiche, twenty, tricha, thirty, etc, see above, p. 12.
cét N., hundred, is a noun and is declined iike a neuter -o-
N.A. cét n-, G. céit, N. Pl. cét, etc.
míle F,, thousand, is decHned Hke guide, p. 6.
A. — Emphasizing Pronouns
1. -sa, -se
2. -so, -su, -siu
3. m. -som, -sem, -sium
/. -si y -som
n. -som, -sem
Attached to personal pron. : messe, etc. Attached to prep.+
suíf. pron. : dím-sa, úadi-si, friu-som, etc. Attached to
noun preceded by poss. pron. : mo thorbe-se, a persan-som,
etc. Emphasizing infix. pron. : du-m-em-se, etc. Attached

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