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10. Stems in a dental.
(a) cin M., fault.
Singular Plural Dual
N. cin cinaid dá chinaid, chin
A. cinaidn-,cinn- cinta dá chinaid, chin
G. cinad cinad n- dá chinad
D. cinaid, cin cintaib dib cintaib
Further examples are : —
cing M., warrior, G. cinged.
eirr M., fighter in a war-chariot, G, erred.
seir F., heel, G. sered. _ " . ' ' . tkíí^^-. s^J
traig, foot, G. traiged, A. Pl. traigthea. T ^cUc
R, luch, mouse, G. lochad, A. Pl. lochtha.
Further examples are : —
seiche F., hide, G, seiched.
slige F., road, G. sliged.
ascae M., rival, G. ascad.
''■ tengae,^tongue, G. tengad.
niae M., nephew, G. niad.

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