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muir N., sea.
Singular Plural Dual
N.V.A. muir n- muire dá muir n-
G. moro,mora muire n- dá moro, mora
D. muir muirib dib muirib
NOTE. — Some borrowed words show no ending in the G. Sg.
Such are : — abbgitir, alphabet, argumint, argument, firmi-
mint, firmament, comparit, comparative, posit, positive,
superlait, superlative, tabernacuil, tabernacle, testimin, text.
NoTE. — Some nouns follow this declension only in the G. Sg.,
e.g. méit, size, G. méite, D. méit ; canóin, canon, G. canóne,
D. canóin.
Further instances of this declension are : —
adaig, night, G. aidche.
Brigit, G. Brigte.
móin, bog, G. mónae.
rígain, queen, G. rígnae.
sétig, wife, G. séitche.

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