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Raoile, 36.8 (gen. Raoileann), is a dissimilatcd form of Raoire (gen.
Raoireann), older Rairiu. There were two places of the name.
One is now represented by Mullaghreelan (i.e. Mullach Raoileann)^
a townland in the parish of Kilkea, in South Kildare. So in Lr.
na gCeartj 210, the king of Ui Muireadhaigh (the southern part of
CO. Kildare) is called ri Raileand. Compare Fen Ralrinde (so called
because Rairiu, Caoilte's sister, died there, Ac. Sen. 4107 sq.),
which appears to be in the same district. The second Raoire,
which was of lesser note, is now represented by the townlands of
Reerymore and Reerybeg in the north of Queen's Co. ; to judge
from the anglicized forms the second r was never dissimilated to
/ in the name of this place.
In scholastic verse, however, magh Raoileann, cldr Raoileann,
and the like, are frequently used as poetic names for Ireland.
Thus St. Coliuncille is called earlamh raonmhoighe Raoileann,
IM. 1921, p. 373 ; Ó NéiU is fear rianmhuighe Raoileann, TD. 51,
1. 24 ; and the Desmond Geraldines are fine Ghearuilt guirt
Raoilionn, 3 G 13, p. 912. We even find Ó Caoimh spoken of as
ri Rdilend (leg. Rai-), Ériu, iv, 216, which probably means no
more than an Irish prince (like bile Breagh in the following Une).
Similarly Mag Uidhir is called ri Raoiliond, 23 D 4, p. 342. So in
our present instance (36.8) Raoileann probably = ' Éireann.' This
use of Raoile to typify Ireland may have been originally due to a
recognition of the fact that Rairiu = ro -\-eriu, where the second
component would naturally be interpreted as Ériu, Ireland ; see
as to this etymology Pokorny, ZCP. xvi, 197 sq.
Sliabh gCrot, 38. 9, one of the Gahee Mountains, probably Galtce-
Sliabh gCua, 38.10, the moimtainous district south ot Clonmei.
Sliabh Mis, 38.16, either (i) SUeve Mish, near Tralee, or (2) Slemish,
CO. Antrim.
Teamhair, 26.73, Tara.
TÍR Chonaill mhic NÉILL, 22.21, = ' Tír-chonaill,' coextensive with
CO. Donegal excluding Inishowen ; so called from Conall Gulban,
son of Niall Naoighiallach.
TONN Rudhraighe, 38.6, the sea in the Bay of Dundrum, co. Down.

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