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Cearc-otrach, common or barn-
door hen.
Cearc-pheucaig, pea-hen.
Cearc-thomain, a parti'idge, per-
Cearc-thopach, a topped or
tufted hen.
Cearc-shealbhag, a hen or fowl
paid of old to the falconer of
the lord of the soil.
Cearc-uisge, the gallinule or
water-hen, moorhen, dab-
chick, coot.
Cearra-ghob, an avocet.
Cearrsach, the corncraik.
Cearsach, the thrush.
Ceath, the jackdaw.
Ceiliriche, the blue-throated
Ceirseach, the woodlark.
Ceis, a swan. (Dean of Lis-
Ceolan, ceolan-cuilc,the warbler,
reed warbler.
CiABHAG-cHoiLLE, the woodlark.
CiARSACH, the thrush.
CiocHAN, ciochan-fada, the long-
tailed titmouse.
CioLAG, ciolachaire, ciolog, the
CiRCEAN-cAORAiNN, the mountain
CiuTHRACH, the red-head.
Clabhais feach or fiach, the red-
Clacharan, clochlainn, cloichea-
ran, cloichrean, etc., the stone-
chat or chatter-quay, whin-
chat, wheatear ; little mason.
Clamhan, the buzzard, moor
buzzard, kite, glead, gled.
Clamhan-fionn, the hen-harrier
(Montagu's harrier).
Clamhan-gearr or gearra-clam-
han, the broad buzzard.
Clamhan-gobhlach, a kite, etc.,
the salmon-tailed gled.
Clamhan-loin, the marsh harrier.
Ci-AMHAN-LUCH, clamhau-nan-
cearc, the hen-harrier, mouse-
Clamhan-riabhach, the honey
Clamhan-ruadh, the kestrel.
Cleabhar-caoch, the corncraik.
Clisgein, the swift.
Cluimhealta, a royston crow ; a
flock of birds.
Cnag, a chnag, a chnagag-
choille, crag, the pine gros-
beak, woodpecker, little wood-
Cnaimh-bhristeach, the ossifrage
or osprey.
Cnaimheach, cnaimh-fhitheach
or fhich, craimheach, creum-
hach, the rook, raven, crow,
Cnaimh-gheadh, a fowl between
a goose and duck.
Coc-BHRAN, the jackdaw.
Coi, the cuckoo.
Coigreach, the peregrine hawk
or falcon.
Coileach, a cock.
Coileach-catha, a game-cock.
Coileach-coille, a wood-cock,
Coileach-dubh, a black-cock.
Coileach-feadha, the pheasant
Coileach-fheucaig or pheucaig,
a peacock.
Coileach-frangach or turcach, a
Coileach-fraoich, heathcock, a
moorcock, red game, grouse.
Coileach-innseanach, an Indian
guinea fowl (cock).
Coileach-og, a cockerel.
Coileach-oidhche, an owl.
Coileach-otraich or an dunain,
the common or barn-door cock.
Coileach-pulaidh, turkey-cock.
Coileach-ruadh, a grouse, red-

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