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We found this new fpecies of Carex in one place
oniy, viz. In a boggy foiJj about half-way up
the mountain of Coatfidd^ in the ille of Arran^
near a place where peat is dug, in the aiccnt
from Brodzvick caftie. Mr. Ba/ih has found the
fame on the coaft of Labr adore. %. VI.
The italk is at a medium four inches high, ob-
Icurely triangular, fmiooth, ftriated, and fur-
nifhed commonly with two fmooth, grafs like
leaves, the uppermoft of which is longeft, but
generally fiiortcr than the ftalk. The fpike is
at firfl clofe, and about i-Sth of an inch Ion?
confiiLing of only one pale brown male flower
at the top,' and fometimes twor but more com-
monly three greenilli, long-acute female ones
underneath. The miale after flowering is deci-
duous, and the capfulcs become patent and
nearly horizontal. The ftyle has fometimes two,
but comm.only ihvQcJli^mata.
incur "J ^ 4.
** Spin's Gndrcgynis.
CAREX fpica conica, (. fpiculis congeflis andro-
gynis jeffiiibus compofita, involucro nullo, cul-
mo incurvo. (vid.Jig. noji.)
Cloved Carex. Anglis.
This new fpecies of Carex was communicated^ bv
Dr. Hope^ the prefent ingenious profefTor of bo-
tany in Edinburgh. It was difcovered in deep
loofe fea-fand, at the mouth of the water of
Naver^ and near Skelherry, in DunrcJnefSy in
Shetla^id. %. VII.

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