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fair to be a Scirpus than a Carex, at lead it has
no male flowers nor radical leaves, which are
defcribed as belonging to the C capital a Lin.
CAREX fpica fimplici androgyna-, flofculis plu-
ribus, mafculis terminalibus imbricatis, capfu-
lis retroiiexis, C. pulicaris Lin.fp.pL 13 So. cba-
ra£ierihm erasndatis. {Mich. gen. /- 33./. i. Pluk.
phyt. t. 34-/. 10. Oed. Dan. t. 166 !^ non bene.
Moris, h'jl.f. \l. t. 12. f. 21. opt )
Flea Carex. Anglis.
In bogs frequent. %■ . VI.
The llalk is round and flriated, except being a
little flat on one fide, and is about five or fix
inches high : the leaves are very narrow, almoil
letaceous, a^^d, when the plant is in flower, ge-
nerally longer than the fl:alk : the fpike is about
^-4ths of an incl^ long» fometimes an inch, ter-
minated with a narrow cylinder of feverai male
fiowers which are diciduous : the females aro
about fix or eight, placed underneath them in
the fame fpike, at firft eredly imbricated, but
afterwards horizontal, and in the feeding fi:atQ
deflex'd, and of a bkfkifli colour. The ftyle
is terminated with only Vf^oftigmata.
paucifiora'2, CAREX fpica fimplici androgyna; floribus fe-
mineis fubternis remotiufculis patentibus, maf~
culo unico terminaii. [fig-'nofi.)
Pew- flower'd Carex. Anglis.

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