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/^. 2 2. {7nas hon.) Ged. Dan. t. 569, mas 6? fcm,
Dioecious Carex. Anglis,
In boggy places in the highlands and Hehidcs, not
unfrequent. V- . VI.
The ilalk is round, Uriated, and about fix or feven
inches high. The leaves are narrow, almoft fe-
taceous, and about three or fouL inches long :
the n;ale ajid female fpikcs grow on d:ftindt
plants : the male is cylindrical, and about 3-4ths
of an inch long •, the female is at firll: oval, and
about i-4th of an inch long-, but in the feed-
ing {late is produced, beccmes cylindrical, and
is ofttn lenthened to half an inch. The ftyle
h;iS l\''/Ojligmaia.
We have ncvt-r yet been able to difcover any per-
mar.ent difference between the female of this
j'lajit and rhe car ex capitata of Lipnaus. The
ligures quoted by that author for the C. capital a ^
viz. Moris, hiji.j. 8./. 12./. 36. and Mich. gen.
t. 32. /. I, 2. do excdiy correfpond with the
kinale variety cf our plane, in i-ts different ftages
of growth. IJnn.-ctiS indeed affirms, that the
C. capitata has ibme male flovv'ers at the fummit
of the fpike •, but fo far as we have yet obferv'd,
this is by no means a conftant characleriflic.
Thofe plants that have male flowers are rarely
feen, and mixed with them arc more individuals
that have none. The figure of Oed. Fl. Dan,
t. 372. (fuppos'd by that author to be the C. ca-
ptaia Lin ) we knew nothing of. It bids more

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