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fhire. In the lochs of Brcadalbane^ Mr. Stuart.
In Loch-Lomond^ Dr. Parfons. It has been ob-
lerved alfo in the lowlands by Dr. Burgefs, as in
the Cajile-Lcch, near Lochmabsn, in the mofs ad-
joining to the lands of Myrefide^ in the parilh of
Holywood, near Dumfries, &c. %. VIII. IX.
The flalk is about two feet long, the leaves four,
narrow, and almofi: linear, being about i-4th
of an inch wide at the bafe, and i-8ch in the
middle, ending m a point. Wiien held up be-
tween the eye and the light they appear reticu-
lated, but this property is not peculiar to this
fpecies. The female fphjerules are commonly
three, the two lowermoft fupported on pedun-
cles, the uppermoft fcffile. The male ones are
generally three, and all feiTile ; the leaves float
upon the water like grafs -, but when the plant
Bowers, the ftalk is raifed above the water three
or four inches, the leaves dill continuing to float.
CAREX. Gen.pL 1046.
MASC. Amentum imbricatum. Cal, i-phyllus.
Cor. o.
FEM, Amentum imbricatum. Cal. i-phyllus.
Cor. o. Ne5fariurn inflatum, tridenta-
tum. Stigm. 3.
Sem. triquetrum, intra ncdarium.
* Spica unica JimpHci.
dioka I, CAREX fpica fimplici dioica. Sp. pi. 1379. (Mi-
chel gen. t. 32. /. I, Moris, hijl, /. g. /. 12.

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