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hifi. f. 8. /. i^.f. I, ordinis medii. & ejusvarletas.
Ger. em. 45, f, 2. Pet. herh t. 72./. 10. Moris,
hifl.f. 8. /. 13,/. 3. ordinis medii.)
Upright Bur. reed. Anglis.
On the banks of lochs, and flagnant waters, not
iinfrequent. i;.Vl[,
The llalk is a yard high or more, ereft, firm, and
branched : rhe lower leaves are triangular, the
upper ones plain : the male Spharula terminate
the branches, are much fmaller than the echinated
female ones below them, and have fufcous An-
The variety of moft auth.ors, the figures of which
are above cired, has a (lalk not above a cubic
high, unbranched ; the leaves, fo far as we have
obferved, are nearly plain; and iht. Anther a oi
the male fphrerules of a pale yellow, or ftraw-co-
■ lour'd. Wc are inclined to think It a diftinft
ipecies. This is the kind which mod commonly
occurs in Scotland.
tciAns 2. SPAKGANIUM foliis decumbcntibus planis. 6/>.
pl.iZJ^. [Pet. herh. t.yi.f.ii. Oed. Dan. t. 260;
Floating Bur- reed. Anglis.
\x\ the fmaller lochs of the highlands and Hebrides
frequent, as in the i'ttle lochs between G;r^/ and
Little Breeze-bill, near Talijl'er, in Skye, and near
Duntuhn., in the fame ifland. In the lochs going
to Lead-begy from Littk-Lcch-Broomy m Rofs-

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