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randljlora SERAPIAS bulbis fibrofis, foliis enfiformibus, flo-
3- ribus ercclis, neflarii hbio obtufo petalis
brcviore. Syjl. nat. 594. S. lofigifolia. Sp. -pL
1-2,^^. (Moris, kijl. f. 12. t, 11. /. 12. Haller,
hift. J 298, /. 41, bona. Oed. Ban. t. 506, cpt-)
White-flowered Helieborine. Anglts,
In woods, but rare. We faw it in a wood at Loch-
Kanfa, in the ifle of Arran. '^. VI.
The leaves are variable, being fometimes of an
ovaLlanceolatc, but generally of a long-lanceo-
late form, TIiiLflovv^ers are large, erefl^fix or
eight in a thin fplke, fubtended by foliaceous
lanceolate Braoic^^ the lowermof!: of which arc
broad, and longer than the flowers : the petals
are all white, and connive together : the lip of the
neftarittm is enclos'd within the petals (not pen-
dant as in the preceding) and is white, ftreak'd
with three yellow prominent lines. T\\q germen
is erec^j and nearly feflile.
ARUM. Gen. pi. 1028.
Spatha monophyila, cucullata. Spadix llipra nu-
dus, inferne femineus, medio ilamineus.
maadaium ARUM acaulc, foliis haftatis integerrimis, fpa-
I- dice clavato. Sp. pi. 1370. (Ger. em. 834./. i.
Mcris. h?Ji. f. 13, /. 5, /. i, or dims infer ioris.,
Blackwell t. 228, Miller ic.t. 52,/. i, bona. Oed.
Dan. t. 505, opt.)

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