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Grrat Twayblade. AngUs.
in woods and moid paftures "r.oi uncommon. "4^
The ilalk is a cubit high, dov/ny, and furniflied
only with two oppofite, broad, obtulely oval,
nervous or plantain-hke leaves, which grow
.nearly in the middle between the root and the
bottom of the ipike •, the bafe of one of thefe
leaves en^bracing the bafe of the other. The
fnlkc is five or fix inches long, diftinftly let
with thirty or forty ycllowifh green flowers.
The lip of the flower is nearly linear, femibifid,
and about twice the length of the germen, and
defcends perpendicularly : the fegments are ob-
tufe, the germen is thick, oval, and furrowed
wuh fix lines.
ordcUii 4. Of'HRYS bulbo fibrofo, caule bifolio, follis cor-
datis. Sp. pi. 1340- C-f*^^- ^■■^^^' ^' 1^-f' *'• ^0'
ris. f. 12. /. 11./. 4- Hallcr. bJJi. 1292. /. 22.
Little Twa\ blade, v'ith heart-fhap'd leaves. Anglis.
In madhy places by the fides of rivulets, on the
highland mountains in m.any places, as on Bcn-
■nn-^rion in Stratfi^ two miles above Mackennon'z
caiUe, in ilie Ijle of Skie\ on the mountains in
Rofs-faire, about Ltlile Lccb- Broom, and in Brea-
daWaue^ occ ^. VII.
The root confift.'; 01 many long round fibres : the
jlalk is about iiv ov eight inches high, and the
svhoie pi-rr ;.h .,; a tondrr nnd delicate texture.

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