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of Mr. Mackenzie, of Bundonpld, about two
miles from the head of LHtle-l.och-Broojr.^ on
the weitern coafl of Rofs-Jhire. k has alfo been
found in a wood oppofite to Moy-hall, on the
fouth fide of the road to Lrjerne/s^ as we have
been informed by Dr. Ho^e, U. VIII.
The roots are round, annular, and branched, and
creep under the mofs, throwing out new run-
ners or fhoots : the ftalk is about a foot high,
ereft, and hairy, efpecially towards the top ;
the leaves art oval, nervous, have broad folia-
ceous pedicles, and grow near the b:dc of the
ftali^. Thofe nerves are generally five in num-
ber, but fometimes feven, branched from the fides
and reticulated with veins which are often of a
fufcous colour. The flowers are a little hairy,
or pubefcent, whitifli or ftraw-coloured, and
grow in a fpike, from fifteen to twenty in num-
ber, rifing from one fide of the ftalk, but turn-
ing round, and looking to the' other fide. The
hra^e^e are lanceolate, longer than x.\\e. germen^
and of the fame colour as the flowers : the pe-
tals aie three, pubefcent, and glew'd, as it were,
together, fo that they cannot be feparated wirh^
out being torn. The lip is lanceolate, and ter~
minated behind with a gibbous boat-iliaped
netlarium^ which makes this plant belono- more
properly to the genus of i^crnpCiS, Lin.

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