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j'f To Ms Heart,
To quhat Effcft fould thou be thrall,
BiK thank fen thou has thy free Willj
My Heart be nocht fae beftial.
But knaw quha dois thee Gude or III i
At Hame with me then tarry ftill,
And fe then quha playis beft thair Pawis,
And la the Fillock fling hir fill;
lor Feynd a Crura of thee fcho faws.
I'h DC HT fcho be fair I will nor fenzic,
Scho istheKynd with uthcris mae>
For quhy thair is a Fellon Menzie,
That feimeth gude, and arc not fiie :
My Heart tak nowther Pain nor Wae
for Meg, for Marjory or Mawisy
But be thou glad, and let her gae.
For Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws.
Remember ho v/ that Medea
Wyld for a Sicht of ^afon zeid,
Remember how that Crelftda^
Left Tritlus for Diomede.

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