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London Weather, — The meteorological records
kept at the Koyal Observatory. GreenTficb, .vbow that ia
the first halt ol the ytar la7U— t he 26 wee ks ending with
Saturday, the 28th of June— there were onl y 471 hours of
Buushme registered there. In the correspomJing period in
last year there were tj. j3 hours of sunshine. The deficiency
in 1879 occurred in the second quarter of the year. The
133 hours of sunshine in the first quarter of 1679 were only
about seven hours less than in the first quarter of 1878, but
the oo8 hours of sunshine in the second quarter of 1879 are
far below the 503 hours registered in the second quarter of
1878. The Kegistmr-Generars returns, 1 1 om which
these figures are obtained, are nut made for calen-
dar montbs, but for wet-ks, and the fortnight end-
ing on 2Sth of June, 1879, is shown to have
had but 50 hours of sunshine, to compare or con-
trast with IIG hours in the corresponding period of last
year. June, 1878, was spoken of at the time as a sunless
June, but it had a fraction over ISl hours of sunshine in
the four complete weeks, and the corresponding period of
1879 had not quite 119 hours of sunshine. The rainfall at
Greenwich is stated at 17'57 inches in the 2G weeks ending
28th June, 1879. Jn the four weeks ending t^Stb June,
1879, there fell 4^ inches of rain ; and the Registrar-Geue-
rul reported last year that the 4'6 inches of rain which
then fell in June were more than double the June average
for the last 03 years. In every week of the half-year of ■
1879, except two in February and four in Jime. the
number of deaths in London has been above the last ten
years' average, after allowing for increase of population,
I leaving a balance of some thousands on the wrong side at
the close of the half-year.

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