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Obs.XX. Change Of The Obs. XX. Ch a nge Of The
Palatal Letters K.
[«/. C. or Q.] G. X. [or Ch.] H.
W. Vatx, A broad flat Stone ; Ir.
N. W. xm\cn, A Beetle; Ir.Kuil:
KCiil dhuv ydyu ;*;uilen dhy.
N. W. AiUithig , Left-handed, &CC-
N. >V.;t:uth, A Blaft-, Ir. Gaoth,
N.W.;>;uerthin, To Laugh; Ir.
W.Ba;K, A Hook; Ir. Bag.
W. Ba;e and ?,yxin. Little; Ir.
\>^.Y.\oX^A Belli Ir. Klog.
Germ.Frohch, chearfuU ; Belg-
Gctm.'LQrA, A Lark; Belg.Lce-
Germ. Bauch, A Belly; B. Buick.
Ger. Hoch, High ; Belg. Hooghe.
Vid. yoj'. De literaritm permuta-
Inibrip. Antiq.] D. M- Magnia
Tychc tecit iibi & Karis iuis T.
Magoio Eutycho & Q_Tilio Fi-
guliano bene merentibus. Fabr. p.
D . M . S
Q^ Sosio. Heliodoro
Fanti. Rarissi
Mo. Q^V. A. VL M. IL
Fecervnt. b. m
SosiA. Proba. Et
EvsEBivs. Parentes
Ib.ayi. 37.
Hillariae Glimitillae Flaminicae
Sex. Attius Myrojics \_ini"\ Aug.
Co?i')ugi Kariflimae quae 'vixit Me-
cum ex firginitate annos xxyiv.Mes.
II. D. XI. iir Sibi vivus fecit ^fub
afciadedicavit. Rein, bync Iss.p.
X Chang a into r .
W. [N.J xuexed. The Sixth; Cor.
Gr. jjAoos. Lat. Flos.
Gr. X^'i^e/i, Lat Flora.
Gr. x<»«- [ & .^ol. ;K<i'" 1 1 Lat. Fo-
"JO &c Foveoy to Dig; whence
Fovea, a Cave.
Gr. ^t"^''' Lat. Fel.
Gr. z'^'i' Lat. Fmis.
Gy.x^'"i' Futuf, TphenceFuulis.
X chang'd into H.
The Armoric Britans have been
more retentive of their Ancient Pro-
nunciation than thofe of Cornwal
a7!d South-Wales : for the Modern
Cornidi ufe no X or Ch at all, tho'
they did, not long fince, as appears
by their mss The defeEl they C07ifiant-
ly fupply Tvith an H in atty part of a
■word; but in South-Wales tts only
chang'd to h, w the Beginning.
W.SyA;ed, Thirji; Corn. Zehaz.
W.Marxnad, A Market; Corn.
W. Bazac, Hooks; Corn. Bahau.
W.Merz, A Daughter; Corn.
W. Keirz, Oats ; Corn Kcrh.
N.W. i-;KUeg,5jpfe^i Corn. Hueg.
Palatal Letters K
[<j/.C. «rQ.]G.;K. [erCh.]H.
N. W. & Arm. A;ueru , Bitter -,
Cor. Huero. andfo in all-words,
■without exception.
N. W. Aiuaer, A Sifter ; Arm. xo-
ar; S. W. Under.
N.W. jiUant, Defire , Appetite;
Arm. ;t;oant. S. W. Huant.
N. W. A;uare, To Play ; Arm, xo-
ari. S. W. Huare, &c.
Gr. x«"' Lat. Wo.
G r js xf^M , Lat . Humi .
Gr. ;uai«3tAi;, Lat. Hmnilis.
Gr. ;(;"'?• fLat. Hir.
Gr. x^e,®'' Lat. Hara.
Gr. x^fvin> Lat. Hiems
X chang'd into S, or Sh.
W. yu;j, Up, Above; Ir. Os & Ois:
as Os cean , above ; Oisbreag ,
Hyperbole ; Oifereideav , Super-
ftition ; Oiflgrivean , Superfcri-
ption, &c
W . YAicl, High; Ir. uafal j Koble.
W. Dc;ttre, A Beginning ; Ir. Tus
& Toia;t.
W. A;uant, Defire ; Ir. Saint, Cove-
W. ;!;uedel A Tale ; Ir. Sceal Sax.
W. ;KUc;eedh, The Sixth; Ir. Sei-
V^ . XMf:i\iy Bitter ; Ir. Searv.
\^ .X^thzd, A Blaft i Jr.Seideadh.
W. A;uacr, A Sifter ; Ir. Siur.
The Armoric Britans Pronounce
ch and g as (li fometimes , {as in
the folloiving Bxamples) in Imita-
tion of the French ; tho' this jeems
but a late Corruption.
W.Bay;t;, A Burden; Arm. Bas.
W. Ba;(i, A Hook ; Arm Bis : Bis
Berzher , a Shepheards Crook;
W. Lhog, Hire; Arm. Lualh:
Mar a; luafli , a Hackney-Horfe .
Gr."S.yx'i' Lu. Enfts.
Gr. x"^"!^' Lat. Seta.
Gr.;e«eA4. Lat. SHex.
Ir. Acht, But ; Lat. Aft.
W. Kry^;, Curld, Lat Criftus.
Span. BaAia, Loweft; Fr. Bas, Low ;
W. Shallo-m.
Ch chang'd into T aiid Th.
Gr. MiX" , Lat. Muftum. Seal, in
Varr. p. ro\.-
Gr. "Oix"^, Lat Hortus ? Voff.
Gr. N«;ii«, Lat. Nato. Id.
Gr. Tarent. "Oe,'tx^i for ip'^^f ; '(«''■>'-
;t^. Sicul. 'wiA^Jh Lat. Ct/?/:'« , "Wf-
^.^», Carthago.
Ch cAdiz/gV /»/» U Conf.
Gr. Bgjsjiu;, Lat. Brcvis.
Gr. M«A«j^, Lat. Malva.
The Irilli Language agrees -with
the Southern Britidi a72d Cornifli,
in that they begin no word Primarily
■with Xy and thofe ■which begin -with it
in the Armoric and Northern
Weldi, 7iever vary their Initial.
VofTms a7id Menage have given
Fjcamples of the Changes of this
Utter into F. G. P- S. Th. a7id
V Confo7ia7it : to which might be
here added that the hiitijlH in the
Britifh, is ge7ieraUy F or S in the
1 Irifli : but .becaufe H « «ever the
Obs. XXI. Change Of ThE
Lingual Letters T. D-
Th. Dh. S. Z.
Firft Initial ofa7iy word in the Irifli,
and is allways the Second offuch as
begin with F or S. I choofe rather to
fuppofe fiich words better preferv'd by
the Northern Extraprovi7icial Bri-
tans, and fo ret am' d in the Irifh,
than by us ; notwithfta7idi72g that we
agi-ce herein with the Greeks, and
they with the Romans. Savail (for
Example) which ftg7iifies in the Iri/h,
Like, Equal, ^c. is fometimes ha-
vail j as, a havail. His Peer or E-
quaJ. So that we fee they agree ;;/
the Fir^ ( or Primary ) Initial:, with
the Latin j and in the Second, with
the Greek '0^yA« . and our f W.
Hivahand at the fame fme that the
later words are deriv'd from the
former. So Sean, Old ; Do heanoili,
thy Old Age; Sarruyia , Injury,
Opprejfion; Do harruidh fe, He
Wro7igd or hijur'd ; Faga, to leave ;
Do hag fe, He left. Fait;i;ios, Fear,
Hazard; Gan haitAiios, Safely. Feal,
Treachery ; Ni healfa le ort ; He
will 7iot betray thee, &c.
HI chang'd i}ito L.
Engl. Hlynn, ^i.w«, ie. A Lake
infome parts of the North.
t Engl. Hlip, A Leap; Hlaford ,
A Lord.
Hlidanford, Lidford.
Thti Hi of the O/^EngliflKiW
Germans, was probably the fa7ne
with our VVelfh Lh | or LI ] as their
Hr. could be 710 other tha7t our Rh.
Such words as begin with H in the
Wclfli, Cornifli and Armoric, ne-
ver cha7ige their Initial.
Change Of The Ling ual
Letters T. D. Th.Dh. S. Z.
T chang'd into B.
An aGr. b«t1«, Lzt.Balbus ? Vofs.
Gr.AiTgjSj Lat.Z./^rrf.
Gr. Ti{)jT{o>, Lat. Terebra.
Gr AsjTif, Mo\. Bffsrijj Lat. Ver-
Gr. Te^trlis, Lat. Tribus.
Lat Sputarej Span. Efciibir.
T a7id Th chang'd into C or K.
W. Taran, Thu7ider -, Arm.Kyryn.
\V. Tail, Muck. Dung; Ir. Kcal-
lair. q.
Lat. Pofliea, Ital. Pofcia. Men.
Lat. Bcftia, Ital. Biftia. Id.
Lat. Anguftia, Ital. Angofcia.
Lat. Turma, Ital. Ciurma.
Lat. Infantulus, Ital. FanciuUo.
Lat Mutilate, Span. Mochar.
Lat. Pulte, Span Pucka.
Lat. Mukus, Span. Mucho.
Lat. Foetus, Foetundus ; Fcecundus.
Lat. Iratus , Iratundus ; Iracundus.
Gr.'on, Dor. "oi(5'. ; & nin., -musn
IcWiTl, U?i\6t(0L ; Tin, TVtfjfi.
ISS^Antiq. ] — D D D. C^ Frincipes
N . Valentinian Vaiens &z Grati-
anus Semp. Augg- Filumenum in
omni aclhetico certamine ab ori-
ente ad mcidente ufque vidorem
pammacho luBapamrati ceftibufq.

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