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Obs. XX. Change Of The
Palatal Letters K
[al. C. or Q,]G. X. [_orCh.'\H.
Gr. K«>.A©-, n i Lat. Galluf.
Gr Kt/xyos, Lat. Cygn"'
Gr."Ayr.vx(^, Lat. jingulus.
Gr. AKoJyxs, Ky.^y*n^, Agrigeii-
The Ancient Romans m'd riot the
Letter G at all ; till added ( a! Plu-
tarch informs us ) by Spurius Car-
Et cum C ac fimpliciter T. non
valuerunt , in G ac D. MoUiuntur.
Quir.t L I.e. XI.
Pravaluit pojl^uam gamma vice
fiijiBaprimC. Aulon.
K. C. or Q^chang'd into H.
Germ.Kopf.^^HM^; telg.Hooft
Germ. Bitterkeic, Bittertiefs iBelg-
It's very objirvable, that a great
many rpords , -whereof K. C. or Q^
IS the Initial Letter in the Greek,
Latin, Italian, Spanifli , French,
Britifli, Irifli, Sclavonian and jome
other Languages begin mtb H in
the Teutonic ; tohich -when { bcjidcs
the Termination peculiar to each
Language ) fever al other Alterations
{ /J5 Tranf^ofition, Qmiffton, Addition
or change of other Letters ) coyicurr ;
Jo dijguijis words, that they appear
utterly irreconcilable, till traced thro'
feveral Languages. There are infi-
nite Examples of this ; but Ijhall
inflawe only in thefe Few.
W.Kydhio, Engl. To Hide.
W ■ Koed, iVood i Belg. Hout.
W.Kaib, A Mattock; Belg Hou-
wcl j where the latter Syllable is
only a Termination, of Diminu-
tives, &C. And the alterations
have happen' d thus, Kaib, Koub,
Kouv, Dim. Kouvell, xouvell,
Houwel ■■ And from Aiouvel or
Chouvel, came the Engltjh Sho-
VV. Kelyn, Engl. HoVy & Hulver,
B(;ig. Hulfl.
W.Korn, Germ.En»l. dff. Horn.
\V. Koluyn, ALapJog; Ir. Kulan,
Engl. Huelp.
W. & Ir. Krav[tCram]^7^;-
Garlick ; \ Engl Hramia.
Sclav. Kurba, A Whore i Pol. &
Bohem.Kurwa, Hung. Kurva ;
Swed. Hora Germ Hur, fEngl.
Hure, Dan. Hore, Belg. Hoere.
Gr. Ko<A®^. Germ. 6c Belg. Hoi 5
Engl. Hollow.
Gr. KuOT, VV. [Plur.] Kun, Lat.
Canis ; Germ. Hu^id, and f Engl.
Gr & Lat Cyclus, fEngl H-we-
gol. Mod. Vl'l^eel.
Lat. Ccrvus, W.Karu ; Engl Hart.
Lat Cor, Corde ; Ir. Kioiolic, E.
Lat. Centum, W Kant; fEngl.
Hund. Mod. Hundred.
Lat Cavea, fEngl. Hofe.
Lat. Circus, f Engl. Hring.
Lat.Corvus, f Engl. Hricm.Gcrm.
Raaii Mod. Engl Raven.
Lat Caput, Germ. Kepfi Fr. chef
Belg. 'hoaft, f Engl, 'heafut, Ger.
'haupt. Mod. Engl. 'Hsad.
Obs. XX. Chance Of The
Palatal LettersK.
[<!/.C.orQ.]G. a: [orCh]H.
Gr. & Lat. Cannabis, Ir. Kanapj
Belg. Kenip, Fr. chanvre. Germ
'haiif. Engl. 'Hemp.
Lat. Qui, fEngl. Hwa i Cujus,
Hua;s ; Qud 8c q[lod,Hwat.
Ital. Gala, Germ. Haufs . Engl
K. C. or Q^hang'd into P.
Jf1}e7i C. K. or Q^is the Initial
Letter in the Ionic, j^lolic, Latin,
Teutonic or I rilli; Thoje words fre-
quently begin with P. /« other Dia
leBs of the Greek, and in the V\ elfh,
Cornilh and Armorique^ end the
fame Alteration, happC7is fometimes
in the Middle and Final Syllables;
wherof fie fame Examples in the
Changes of the Letter P. I
Gr. SxuAoJa/, Lat. Spoiio. Voir
Gr. Sfiii ti-cptjusi, Vejj/a. idem.
OKsiM, 'Omicf Arlixui. Hefych.
S. W Karreg, A Stone i Cantabr
peira, hi. Pierre.
Lat. Qi.ii:quid ; Ofce, Fitpit ; Feft
\V . Pa beth.
Lat. Qiu , W. Puy ; Quicunque
puy hynnag [Arm Pue ben
nak ] Quatuor ,, Quin-
que Pymp, &c.
K. C. or (^chang'd into S.
W.Kclh, A Cellar; Arm.ScUier,
W.Bokys, ./^.Box-^rff; Arm.Bys,
Fr. Bouys. Ital. Boffb
Lat Racemus, Fr. Raifn ; Placere,
Plaifir ; Licere, Loijen Sara-
cenus, Sarafin.
Gr. '•S.y.-niJt^i. Lat. JEflimo.
Lat. Lacio, Laffus. Vofl'. Q_
Gr 6t Lat. Cycnus, [ Cygnus] Sp.
Cifne ; Germ. Schwan ; Belg.
Lat. Clufus ; Germ. Schlofs, A
Lock : Includo, Belg. Infchluiten;
Germ. Eynjchliejfen.
Lat. Qusero, Belg. Spueren; whence
the Scotifll To Spire.
K. or C. chang'd into T. or Th.
Lat. Fafcellus, Ital. Faflello.
Lat Labrufca, Ital. Abrojlmo.
Lat. Vacuus, Ital. Veto. F>. Vuide;
whence our Englijh Void.
L. Clauliporca, claufiporta ; whence
th; French Clauporte. Men.
Lat. Marculus, Martulus, Martellus.
Gr. Anxnise, Lat. Lutetia. Voir&
Gr. Asi/i(j:, Lat. Lutiwi herba. VofT
ex Salmas. excrcit. Plin.
^vs;. Dor. Tin;; }(jii-\i>.yi,Tii-^it>,v, ;
Auriuvt Sordes. KaS^. TAj.t^jt.
BoTOi),:yt, Beflia. Canin.
Lat. Ledtio, W. Lhith.
K. cha7ig'd into V Confo7iajit.
Gr. KaTTjf, Lat. Vapor & Vapos.
Gr. KtK?, Lat. Vanus.
Gr. V^wxz^K, Lat. Venari.
Gr. Ki^i, Lat. Verro.
Words that Primarily begin with
K :n the Britifli, have four Initials,
K.G ;t;. andn^. which laji as well
as the other Letters that requir'd it,
were fo well diJH7iguiJhed by H. Sa-
Icsbury with particular Characters,,
that ttfeems much Davies aTtd ethers
Obs. XX. Change Of The
Palatal Letters K.
ial. C. or Q.]G. X. [or Ch.-]H.
who have written Jivcefljould not re-
tain them *.
I NIT. L yx Kaban, Tour Tent,
yx Kift, your chefl or Coffer ; yx
is.ledhiv,/o»r Sword; yx is.6b, your
cloak; yzii.cphy[,your Horfi ; yx,
t\.ux,your Boat.
Init. IL I gaban, His Tint;
I gill , his Coffer ; i gledhiv , his
Sword; 1 gob, his cloak ; 1 j^ephyl,
his Horje ; I guA;, His Boat
Init. III. i xaban, her Cottage;
I XI&:, her chejl ; [ Aiojel, [Jrom
Kegel ] her Dijlaff; I xiiX , her
Init. IV. ynghaban, My Tent ,•
Tnghift, my Coffer; Yughledhiv,
my Sword; Ynghob, my cloak; Yng-
hu;e, my Boat,
Q^ ts fo much the fame, with K
or G. that it ficms to have been ab-
folutely fuperjluom a7>io7igsi the Ro-
mans; and that //fr? Greeks deferv-
edly cajhir'd it, retaining 07tly its ufe
as a7mmeral Note. In the Arnio-
rique it's a Commo7i Letter, but was
7iever receiv'd ( oi far as I could hi-
therto obfervefrom Old Ma7)ufcripts)
into the VV'elfh and irifli ; Cu or Ku
rendering it ufelejs : jior ca7t we di-
fcover tho fame Lcar7ied Gramma-
rians have 7namtam'd the C07itrary,
any more neccfjity of it , tha7i the Ita-
lians <7;/f/ Spaniards have of invent -
i7!g a 7wa> Letter inftead of'G injiich
words as Guaftare, Guado, Guer-
ra, <irc A7!d that 'twas redunda?it
a7no7igSi the Ronians is co7ifirm'dby
their doubting when to make ufe of it,
as we find by the foUowi7ig Infcri-
Suetrius Hermes hie jitus efi, cui
tertia C07ijunx
Aram conjlituit, digno 7ncritoque
7iiarito ;
De CUJUS fajna multi cum laude
^llipd fucrit cultor domini rerum-
que c^y a7nator . Frbr. Kjy. N.3C0.
— Non 7nihifufjictebat habuiJJ'e vi-
ta tccu7n per tempora 7nala : aliam
quidevi fiituram cuottidie obtahas
bona — Tu vera <i\xo\.i\<^\e. ffcElabas
videre proxtma palnia, &c. 1 b . z 71 .
N. 150.
Helpis Sinno Marito Bene Mer
Enti F'ecit q VixiT Annos
x'xiiii (^UfM CoivGE Sva Fecit
MG III. p. 9(^.170. N. 137.
D. M.
Fabivs. Caricvs
Fecit Fabio Zoti
CO FiLio Bene Me
Renti Q Bixit
Atnis CIN^JfAE
Mensibvs CI'n ^
De XVII lb. p. 410. 385.
Aclius Timoxenus 7rtiks 'Bale7io
Crifj>o corrrmanipulario cotidam mili-
ti fecit vene merenti^ Reinef p.
Anaflafio bene merevti in pace
* tUnnct Sat'ubitrii Gj2ma\zuciL Brican-
nici Limi. 1}$%.

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