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Obs. I. Sense Of Words
Lhcs, frojit i good fer-vicei It. Lei-
as, Cure, remedy.
Kyvoeth, [iSc Kymoth] mcha;
Ir. KuvaAjd, Poioer.
Gudhv, A 'Neck i It. fKiuh, a
Lhvg, Lig'^t i Ir. La, JD^;-.
Davad, A Sheep; Ir. Dav, <t« Ox-
D3.nx.,ATootbi Ir.fDmt, a morfel.
Tavod, ^ Towgae ; Ir. Dead, a jam.
Dry;K, A Looking-gUfsi Ir. Dreak
ir« Image or Statue.
Eira,5»o5»iIr. Er6g&Oire6g, If^-
Gavel, Holt; Ir. Gaval; a Fork.
Trogan., A Tike [Lat Ricinus]
Ir. Dearagan, a Flea.
Dilhad, Affarel ; Ir. Diallaid, a
E N G L I H.
Such Occurrences are no lefs fre-
quent in rejpeH nf the Ancient and
Obs. II. Words Obsolete Obs. II. Words Obsolete
\ r»i.- V I A r K n. In SoM E Dialects, And
Retaind In Others.
Detr ; but toa! formerly any Beafi;
tho' froperly, iu it jJ^ouldfeem, £-
quivalent to Animal; as is yet the
■tpord Thier in the High-Dutch.
So the VVeljh, Hydh and Irifi
Fiadh, -which fignifies a Stag;
feenis but the fame vith the Gerr
man Viehj Vecus.
f Han c?" Manna [novtoritten Henj
tons us' d fur Cock as rpell as Hen ;
?p/v»f?Han-cred//.'c time ofcock-
croTPtng, Holt-hana, a Jf-'ood-coci,
&c. As is fill the German Han,
and Dutch, Haen.
fBriddc [or Bird'\ teas the young of
any Fowl; as a Chick, a GoJlmgMc.
O B S E R V A T. II.
To this Obfervatiov ( which as well
Modern Eng/ijh : as SPe find by the \ at the reft that follow, might be in-
foUorcing Examples. \finitly exemplified out of thefi and
fCneoht or Cniht; was not an-\ other La?iguages ) we may fubjoin
. i'mitly any Title of Ho?iour ; but \ that of words growing to difuje in
pgnifed at firfl a Boy or Xouth; \one Dialed., but continued mothers.
as L'eorning ( hliht, a School-boy, i In an old Cornijk * Vocabulary at the
and afterwards {as it does yet in Cotten library, 1 found (amongfi
theDanilh)aServa7it, for Ccft- many more) the following Britijh
cnihtas were Market-Staves. words , which are vow difus'd by the
t Ealdur I or Elder] was us'd for- ' Cornilh . but fill imderjlood by the
merly for a Prince
f Cwen, A7iy woman ; Eald cuen,
an old woman. Properly afiy Fe-
■f< Man was anciently apply'd to both
Sexes : oi W if-man, a woman ; a j
•wife ; Maeden-man, a maid, &c
t Orzfignifted a Coyn as well as Ozr;
but the former Acceptation is now
f Beam was any Tree, -whence the
prefent Acceptation of it for the
Lat. Trabs. Cillen-beam was a
Chefnut-Tree, Ciris-beam a cher-
ry-tree, Elen-beam an Olive-tree.
And hence the names of Horn-
beam and Quicken-beam, ftillm
t Clugga [whence the word Clock]
fig7!ified anciently, a Bell.
I Cnaep, Abutton ; whencethe name
of the Herb Knapweed.
\'^\m,Number ; whence Rim-craeft,
Arythmetic : Hence Rime or
Rhythm,/**- meeter.
t Ham {or home] fignified a houfe :
Hamwyrc the herb houfe-leek.
t Leac [ now Leek ] feems to have
fignified formerly any Pot-herb ,
for we find a Garden was called
Leac- tune : and a Gardener Leac-
weard ; imlefs we Jhould rather
fuppofe that Lceks might have
been the Herbs of Greatefl ufe a-
mongft the old Englijh ; and that
they therefore call d their Gardens
jAbtT,Thefallofa lejfer water into
a greatter ; as of a Brook into a
River or Ltjke ; or of a River ijito
the Sea.
t Altruan, j' Wall. Elhdreuin ] A
fAnkar, A Hermit.
tAnia;>;j If'cak, Infirm.
fBaedh, A Boar.
t Bardh, A Mimic k or Jejier [ W .
a Poet. ]
f Bath, Cow ; a7id Bathor, a Coyner.
fBeler [Wal. Beair] Crejfes.
t Blaidh, A mif.
fKadiir, A Souldier , a Champion.
f Kaith , A Servant ; a Slave :
Kaithes, a Mayd.
fKall, Crafty or cunning.
fKaurvar;t, A Camel.
t Keiiok leden, A Grafs-hopper .
t Kelli, A Grove.
f Kinedhel , A Generation.
t Kiuydduyvron, The breafi-.
t Kor, A Dwarf.
t Koneiriok, Mad, DiflraHed.
t Kreis, A Shirt or Smock.
t Kryk, A tnmp or hillock.
fKyniav [ Wall. Kynhaiav 1 ..^«-
fKydhon, APigeon. Hinc Wall.
t Dar, An Oak
t Dehoules, Suutherjmood.
t Deneuoid, A Bullock.
t Diogel, Secure.
fEhog, A Salmon.
In Some Dialects, And
Retaind In OriiEk's.
fGonidog, AServmt. "• '
t Grygys, A Girdk.
t Grou, Gravel.
fCurah, An old womav
fGulad, ACountrey.
t Hail, Liberal .
fllbd. Below.
tLanher;^^ A Fore]}.
t LaU, A hand.
tLeith [Wal. Lhuych] A Tribe
or Family.
t Les [Wal. Lhys] fcr;;og, A bur.
fLes duflbg [q. d. Wal Lhvieyin
y Tyuylog ] Betovy. .
t Lcverith, Sweet Mlk.
t Ly, An Army.
t Maur, Great.
t Mehin ; Eard: The fat of Bacon.
iM.i\, An A?iimal.
t Moroin, A Girl.
tMorvil, AP0Mle,
■\ Moelh, A Black-bird.
fNans, A l^alley.
tPais, A Coat.
t Per, A furnace ; a CauUlrOTi.
fPrvdydh, A Poet.
t Ruy, A Prina:
tRyd, WF(J>-./.
t Steve!, A chamber.
tTaJ;i;, Bran; Furfures. Q_^
tTelein, A Harp.
\Xoxx,ARoe; WaII,Turx,<«X<?e-
Buck; & lyr^jes, a Roe.
Leek-Towns, &c
I Mora was once us'd for a Carrot; j f Eler;(<;, A Swan
■ whence Wald-mora, Dau:i(s or \ f Eleftren, Sedge or Water Flag.
Wild Carrot; but properly moor t Euig, AHinde.
was any Root ; and is fo us'd yet \ f Fiol, A Cup.
iufeveral Parts of Englayid. \ f Flair, A Smell So in the Armbric,
fDcor or Deer] is now appropriat- ! Flacraf mad, To /mill well, Scc.
ed to the Cervinum genus , as ["f Gallydhog, Mighty ; Putfant.
Fallow Dear , Red Deer , Rain \ Gelvyn, A Bill ; a beak.
" Bib Coc. Vclpaf. A 14..
Words of common Ufe now in Corn-
wall, thai Occur r ir. OldWelflj Ma-
nufiripti, but are r.zrely or 7iot atall
us'd at prefent infbeaki7ig or -writing
Armor, A Wave.
Kala, Straw.
Idhen, A bird. Wal.fEderj.
Skavarn, An Ear ; whence our Sky-
varnog, A Hare.
Kon, A Supper. Wal | Kuynas.
Gudzhygan, A black Puddmg, from
the old word Guaedogen, of the
fame fgnificatioTi.
Gow, A lye; Wal \ Gay :
Pd« varno Dovydh, dhydh htr,
Towylhvydk gay,gol<e guir. Lh.h.
Guak, Alyer; q.d. Wal. Gayog.
1\iik,AFarmer, a Plowman. Wal
t Taeog.
K6th,0/(/. Sic Wal. Antiq. Dav. in
Di(ft. Brit, ex Libra Landavenfi.
Gwarthav, The Top or fummit of
anything. This is retaind injorne
part of Wales.
Heves, AJh-.rt or Jkock.
Krou , A hut. Sec Krou moh , a
Hueg, .yiTff^ Wal. t AJUeg; xohevce
the Proverb : ^tUeg mel, ;sUerU
pan dalcr.
Lolt, ATayl: W- f Lhoftlydan,
a Beaver. K. H.
Myhtern, A King ; Wal. f My;c-
deyrn, A Monarch.
Guav, Winter ; anciently in Glamor-
gauii'ire,Gsiev,as appears from the
following words in a Donation to
the church of Lin Daf, regifier'd
in the margin of a Manufcript

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