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filementary Course of FRENCH GRAMMAR.
By L. Janton, B.A., B.Sc. (Univ. Gal.)
First Year's Book, 1/. 1 Complete Accidence, 2/.
Second do., 1/. | Key to the Exercises, 2/.
A Short Analysis of tlie Old Testament, by
means of Headings to the Chapters, specially
adapted to the K o vised Version : a Companion
in Reading, a Table of Contents, and a Skeleton
Commentary. By Geougk C. M. Douglas,
D.D., Principal and Professor of Hebrew in the
F.C. College, Glasgow — One of the Company of
Old Testament Revisers. Price 1/6.
" I have long felt the want of such an Analysis, and I
cannot imagine any Bible aid more valuable or useful than
tills book of yours."— Prof. Henky Dkummond.
Life in Feather-land : A Book about Birds,
and what the Birds say of themselves. By M.
M. W., Author of "Wee Johnnie." Cap. 4to,
with Numerous Illustrations, Price 2/. A
Handsome Gift Book for the Young.
"A more readable, instructive, and in every way more read-
able book for the young could not possibly be published."
Howetoon : Records and Recollections of a
Scottish Village. By a Residenter. Price 1/6.
" Howetoon is a capital bit of work. Good stories of the
characters who funiished the mirth and wisdom of the
district are told with charming simplicity."
—The Glasgow Herald.
"A desirable companion either for tlie fli-eside or for a
summer day in the country." — The Scottish Leader.
My Yisit to Palestine ; or, a Three Months'
Tour through Bible Lands. A Book for the
Young. By Rev. Alexander Andrew, Author
of "Taken from the Plough," &c. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, with Illustrations. 206 pp. 1/6.
Taken from the Plough: A Memoir of
Robert Thomson, A Faithful Servant of Jesus
Christ. By Rev. Alexander Andrew, Author
of " My Visit to Palestine," "Bible Mementoes,"
&c." Fourth Edition. Price 6d.
Light and Shade in Zenana Missionary Life.
By Annie H. Small. Illustrated. Cloth, 1/.
A Brave Life. By the Author of " Light
and Shade in Zenana Missionary Life." Cloth,!/.
Katherina Von Bora : Luther's Wife. From
the German of Armin Stein. Translated by
M. P. Illustrated. Price 2/.
The Sacred Places of Scotland : Being an
Account of a Personal Visit to them. By Rev.
R. Lawson, Maybole. With Illustrations.
Cloth, 1/.
What I Saw of India and its People . Being
Notes of a Tour in 1888-89. By Rev. R. Lawson,
Maybole. Map and lUustrations. Price 1/.
Places of Interest ahout Mayhole, with
Sketches of Persons of By Rev. R.
Lawson, Maybole. With Illustrations. Cloth,l/.
The Covenanters of Ayrshire : Historical and
BiographicaL With Illustrations. By Rev. R.
Lawson, Maybole. Cloth, 1/.
Ailsa Craig : Its History and Natural His-
tory. With lUustrations. By Rev. R. Lawson,
Maybole. Cloth, 1/.
Crossraguel Ahhey ; A History and a Des-
cription. With Illustrations. By Rev. R.
Lawson, Maybole. Cloth, 1/.
Mayhole : Past and Present. With Illustra-
tions. By Rev. R. Lawson, Maybole. Cloth, 1/.
Loving Counsels for a Servant's Daily Life.
By DowAGEB Lady Liston Foulis. Price 2d.
The Phonetics of the Gaelic Language, with
an Exposition of the Current Orthography, and
a System of Phonography. By Malcolm Mao
Farlane. Cloth boards, 1/6.
"All who take any intelligent interest in our old and
beautiful language, should get this book and study it care-
fully . . . the only work worth using that our generation
has yet seen."— 06an Times.
Quiet "Waters : Essays on some Streams of
Scotland. By H. W. H. Price 2/6.
Contains— The Clyde at Eothwell— The Yarrow— By the
Sannox Bum— By the Allan— The River Kelvin— The Eden
—The Logan Cum— The Douglas Water— The Cluden— The
Fairlie Burn— By the Nith— By the Netlian-The North
Eslc— The White Cart.
"There is much poetic sentiment,. finding expression In
poetic prose. . . . The boolt would make a convenient
companion by the streams which it tells of, and will afford
an hour's pleasant reading and reflection to kindred
spirits."- TAe Spectator.
Lyrics and Poems of Nature and Life. By
Janet K. Mdir, Kilmarnock. Fcap. Svo, 4/.
"Your lines do credit both to your head and to your
fancy, and are not unworthy of one of the muse's devotees,
who is sprung from the same county as Bums." — The Hon.
O. P. Bovverie, late M.P.for the Kilmarnock Burghs.
"The effusion of a singularly sincere and pious spirit,
without any ostentation or cant, and expressed in a sweet
and natural flow of verse."— iJec. George Giljillan, Dundee.
Homely Rhymes, etc., from the Banks of thfe
Jed. By Agnes Stuabt Mabon, Jedburgh.
270 pp. "Price 3s 6d.
"We heartily commend the volume to the kindly con-
sideration of all who admire and delight to encourage true
native poetic talent." — People's Friend.
The Woman's Daily Text Book: Homely
Lessons from Women's Lives. Old and New
Testament. By INI. B. Cloth limp. Price 6d.
Texts and Thoughts for Seamen. Illustrated.
Arranged by a Naval Officer's Daughteb,
Second Edition. Price 1/.
"An excellent book both in design and execution.
There is never a dull page, nay, not a Unll paragraph in it.
We should like every sailor's bunk furnished with a copy,
in the hopu ihat it might serve as a chart to guide hira o'er
life's stormy sea."— Sword and Trowel.
READINGS for Bands of Hope and Chil-
dren's Social Gatherings. By Rev. R. Lawson,
Maybole. lUustrated. Parts I. and II., Price
Id. each.
Wrioht, F.S.L.A., Teacher of Elocution,
Y.M.C.A., Glasgow, &c. Price 2d.
Catechism on the Christian Life. By Rev.
R. Lawson, Maybole. Price Id.
On the New TESTAirENT. Parts I. , II. , III. Id each.
On the Old Testasient. Parts I. , IL, III. Id each.
The Old Testament Series goes over and illustrates
the leading incidents of Bible history from Genesis
to Proverbs; while the New Testament Lessons
embrace the whole of the Gospel narratives, and the
Acts of the Aiiostles, Each Part contains a Series
of Fifty-two Lessons, with Questions and Scripture
Answers to each.
" Quito supersede the necessity of ' Xotes on Lessons,' or
other such helps for Teachers;" awl "wiU teach the
Scholars to handle their Bibles at home."
THE DATSPRING: An Illustiated Magazine
for Boys and Girls. Monthly, Price id.
"A marvel of excellence and cheapness." "Should be
in every Sunday School."
The Annual Volume makes a splendid Gift Book. Price 1/.
May be had through the Booksellers.

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